5 Desirable Features of Freelancer Clone that Attracts the Entrepreneurs

What is a Freelancer clone? 

Freelancer is the online freelance marketplace, and freelancer clone is one of the major sources of development of new freelance marketplace like freelancer, Upwork, and Fiverr. 

Development of freelancer clone always come with many other things to work by side on, and that is the reason why clone development is the preferred choice. As far as development is concerned, It would be handled by the clone script provider and you may focus on other things like marketing, database, user acquisition, operation strategies, etc. 

Freelancer clone script development with Features

Development from freelancer clone also brings leverage in the market as you can have any feature you desire, or any exclusive add on the integration you have in mind, or any trending and popular technology available in the industry. You ask your clone script provider and they will add it to that without any question. Even like a cherry on the top, These Upwork clone scripts always come with readymade features and exclusive benefits. We also have a clone script named NetworkPlus. NetworkPlus is a highly customizable Open-source Upwork clone script available in the market designed and developed by BSETec. This Upwork clone also comes with ready-made features like,

  • Admin Dashboard
  • User Management
  • Freelancers and Client’s login
  • Escrow System
  • Multiple Payment Gateways
  • Subscriptions
  • Categories Management
  • Milestones Dashboard
  • Disputes Management
  • Chat System
  • Rating and Review system
  • Connects System

And many more

“Read the Simple Guide to Start your Freelance Marketplace Business

Along with these Readymade features, there are some desirable things about freelancer clone that you must know –

  • Rewards System– You can even have a feature that gets the rewards system in the platform. When any freelancer achieves some milestones in terms of a number of projects completed or money earned or achieve daily targets, You can reward them with free connects or free coupons to use within the platform for paid subscriptions. This feature is well demanded because it attracts many freelancers. 
  • Separate login– The advanced clone scripts like NetworkPlus always offer the most wanted feature that says the separate login for freelancers, admins, and clients as they all have different approaches to use the platform. You can also have this in your Upwork clone script by going with BSETec. 
  • Promotions– You can also have this system in your Upwork clone script as it will monetize your software from the first day because this will allow users to promote their task to get more applications via paid means over the platform. You can earn great revenue from this system. 
  • Learning while Earning– This feature can be the next big thing because this will encourage freelancers to be the best by having inbuilt courses on freelancing and even in the field of earning right in the freelance platform so that freelancers can sharpen their skills and even show off their learning badges to clients and earn more projects over the platform.
  • Profile Verification– When you choose the advanced Upwork clone script like NetworkPlus, You also get the most popular and most demanded feature profile verification for both freelancers and clients as it defines the quality f traffic in the platform and brings more trust in the clients and freelancer as they are declared to not be the bot or fake. 

How NetworkPlus is the Best Choice for Entrepreneurs in 2021

NetworkPlus is not only the best and most advanced open-source Upwork clone script but it also the most trending and trustworthy source of development. This is because the clone script provider of NetworkPlus is BSETec who is known to be the best for development service with high-end technologies in the industry. Entrepreneurs love the Network Plus because it is highly customizable, and it doesn’t bind you in any design or feature. You can add or exclude whatever you want from the platform directly. 


We suggest you go through its free of cost live demo right now to see how it works in real-time and even you can experience every single feature that you want in the platform in the live demo. You can also claim this Upwork clone script with many free additional benefits like free installations, Free technical upgrades, and even free technical support from BSETec’s professional team. 


We would love to discuss your brand individually with all the details to get an idea of what exactly the customization is that you require in the brand you want to develop. You can reach out to us even by commenting below or by going to any contact instruction given below. 


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