Top 7 mobile app development ideas for business startups

Top 7 mobile app development ideas for business startups

Almost every business had to deal with the extraordinary impact of Covid-19, starting with health, banking, travel, education, and retail. Millions of small businesses and companies are encountering challenges and bearing the brunt of the virus’s spread. As a result, it has become critical for aspiring startups and entrepreneurs to seek out methods to invest in in order to launch a firm during this period of crisis. In this day of technical breakthroughs, the sectors that have been touched have not left any stone unturned in their efforts to get back on their feet by digitising and bringing their businesses online.

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Some ideas that you can use in your business start-up

  • Virtual Interior Design – AR technologies have progressed to the point where they can now be used to provide great results across a wide variety of applications. For example, you may create a programme that allows you to connect a snapshot of your apartment and then “furnish” it with a variety of domestic layout components such as changing surface colours, experimenting with brightness, attaching and lifting sunblind furniture pieces, and so on.
  • Online Education App – eLearning has grown in popularity among schools, colleges, and institutions, and it is increasingly customising education to meet individual needs. Unlike traditional classrooms, eLearning has improved the learning experience for kids by offering a platform suited to their needs and expectations.
  • Food Delivery – As a result of the pandemic, many eateries were forced to close as the government imposed a mandatory lockdown. These companies have been able to survive to some part because of the introduction of meal delivery applications.
  • eCommerce marketplace – From shoes and handbags to furniture and food, everyone relies on their phones for everything. Most people prefer to order everything online and have it delivered to their homes. Etsy and Amazon, for example, have made our lives easier and more convenient.
  • Freelancing Platforms – People want to be their own boss, and the flexibility of working from home and at their leisure is appealing to them during this pandemic, has resulted in an influx of freelancers looking for work, and as a result, several freelancing platforms such as Upwork, Fiverr, and others have sprung up in the last year.
  • Job Portal – Many individuals have lost their employment as a result of the outbreak. As a result, establishing a job site for your company might help to boost the economy by offering jobs to individuals who are in desperate need. As a result, investing in the creation of a career site may be a wise decision.
  • Public Carsharing – Carsharing is a short-term car rental (a few hours or days) that is gaining popularity in a number of international nations, particularly in major cities. However, you may envision an alternate approach for completing your mobile app idea, such as launching a startup that allows individuals to borrow a car without going via a vehicle rental company and instead directly from vehicle owners.

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Summing up

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