Why Social Media Clone is a Revolutionary Startup Trend in 2021

Social Media Clone


The Internet has been an emerging field, with its ever-evolving and expanding technological developments that are connecting different people all over the world, it has become quite popular among the millennials and Gen Z. Social media networks are gaining heights of success by offering unmatchable services. It has been estimated each year that more than 2.3 million users are going to join these online networking portals like LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram to connect to the world. By looking at the unbelievable innovations that are happening each day, different entrepreneurs and startups are emerging for getting their fresh new ideas into the social marketplace. Moreover, the dire consequences of the Covid-19 pandemic, everything is becoming digital and these social media platforms are outperforming their competitors by the way it is being utilized for influencing, shopping, etc. This has made all the difference. So, this has led to a huge surge in the number of social media platforms coming up. Many businesses are investing their resources on building such platforms, but why go through all the hassle of building an app from scratch when you can use an intuitive social media clone for developing your social networking platform! 


How can a Start-Up Benefit from a Social Media Clone? 


  • Cost effectiveness– Being a start-up, you would have a number of other things to focus on and invest in– so rather than investing in developing an app from square one– which will require a fortune of money– you can invest in clone scripts that will help you build your dream social media platform and that too at an affordable rate, so that you can use the money for marketing and other purposes as well. 
  • High chances of success– A clone script being derived from an existing popular social media site like Instagram. Thus it has a higher visibility rate than an app/website launched from scratch. This improves the chances of success.
  • Quick Launch– A social media clone script helps the start-up to launch their website or app in no time. A new app can take 10 to 12 months for building. However, clone scripts are readymade and they can help to launch your social media platform in a matter of days. 
  • SEO Friendly Script– The Instagram Clone is Search Engine Optimization friendly, which means it will rank higher in the search engines like google, which will bring in a lot of organic traffic into your social media. 
  • Fully customizable script– A social media app clone is entirely customizable according to the preference of the user. One can modify the templates, use different  colors, fonts & textures and also can choose their own themes from the wide plethora of options available, and make it visually appealing. 
  • User friendly UI– The user interface is easy to use, not too simple, neither too complex and thus, helps to give access to users of any age group, without any issues of handling it. 



InstasocialPlus is the social media clone offered by BSEtec, which can revolutionize your start up and help it reach a whole new level, with cutting edge technologies and software’s that will help you build your seamless and amazing social media platform. So, hurry! Grab your live demo today!


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