2024: The Year of Blockchain Integration in Smart Cities

2024: The Year of Blockchain Integration in Smart Cities

In 2024, smart cities around the world will see a significant integration of blockchain technology into their infrastructure and operations. This integration will revolutionize the way these cities function, bringing about greater efficiency, transparency, and security in various aspects of urban life. Some of the benefits are enhanced security, transparency, reliable, decentralized data, smart contracts to execute a set of predefined data and so on. But let’s see in depth with various use cases in real time how blockchain integration takes forward the smart cities.

Blockchain can be implemented across various sectors in a city like Digital identity, Transportation, Waste management, Water supply, Energy supply and many more. Blockchain can support the development of sustainable and resilient infrastructure in smart cities by enabling transparent tracking and management of resources, leading to more efficient resource allocation and reduced environmental impact.

The most common demand in citizen empowerment blockchain technology, will facilitate the implementation of digital identities and smart contracts in smart cities, streamlining processes such as citizen registration, property management, and legal agreements, casting their votes. It can also facilitate citizen engagement in decision-making processes through secure and transparent voting systems. Data can’t be breached, mismatched, secure and transparent.

Another key area where blockchain integration will make a significant impact is in the management of city services and utilities. Manually record can lead to human error, indulged in corruption, disloyalty, manual error and many common mistakes happen during the calculation of energy services , wherein blockchain technology will enable secure and transparent transactions for services such as waste management, energy distribution, and water supply, Blockchain technology records each data into ledger likely, 

  • The amount of energy generated/produced
  • The amount of energy released The amount of energy consumed 
  • The total amount of energy stored /left over in granules 

There are 1000s of private energy sectors that generate and sell to governmental & non-governmental sector, Water supply is the second most leading source supplied in cities

Common problems in energy calculations are as,

1. Unit /data mismatch

2. Calculation error

3. Pricing

 4. Delay in evaluation

 5. Late fee

These all are some common challenges faced, and as many cities implement blockchain to overcome this smart contracts can execute the instructions and provide accurate values on time and reduce operational costs.

Through the use of decentralized and tamper-proof ledgers, transportation networks will become more efficient, with improved tracking of vehicles, reduced congestion, and enhanced security for transactions. Blockchain can support the development of decentralized traffic management systems, enabling real-time data sharing and coordination between vehicles, infrastructure, and traffic control centers. This can lead to improved traffic flow, reduced congestion, and enhanced road safety. Also, Blockchain-based tokenization can enable the fractional ownership and trading of transportation assets, such as electric vehicle charging stations, bike-sharing systems, and parking spaces, creating new opportunities for investment and revenue generation in smart cities.

Overall, the year 2024 will mark a significant milestone in the integration of blockchain technology in smart cities, leading to a more secure, efficient, and transparent urban environment for citizens and growing businesses regardless of E-vehicle company, Energy sector, Water supply and so on. Plan your business roadmap along with blockchain – by consulting BSEtec, a leading blockchain development company which can guide, and illustrate the use cases of blockchain in specific areas of your sector. 

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