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7 beauty AR Technology Use Cases

Beauty tech try-on for the cosmetics industry and face editing functionality can be used independently or in conjunction with other apps. You can create some apps and features using the Face Beauty API. For many beauty firms, from makeup and offline salons to retail and entertainment, AR beauty technology has changed the game. Businesses can

AR App For Classrooms: Why Your Education Institute Needs An App

Undoubtedly Augmented reality’s uses are multifaceted. It is changing the way how we see and perceive things. AR has its use case in every sector, the education field isn’t any exception. Augmented Reality is all set to transform the whole online education system through virtual engagements and interactions. Read further to know the benefits of

Must-Try AR Makeup and Beauty Features for Your App

AR beauty technology has changed the game for a variety of brands, ranging from makeup and offline salons to retail and entertainment. Augmented reality beautification enables businesses to provide real-time try-on solutions, fine-tune users’ appearance during video calls, and improve medical surgery training, among other things. What Exactly Is AR Beauty Technology? Beauty AR is

What are the main advantages of augmented reality?

Developed for the first time in 1968 at Harvard University by Ivan Sutherland, Augmented reality is not exactly a very new technology. It has been a part and parcel of the ongoing technological innovations taking place and has been used for decades for simulations in the aviation and military industries.  Augmented reality has been rapidly

Why is Augmented Reality Crucial to Your Business?

From being a novelty entertainment concept to an imperative enterprise tool, the technology of Augmented Reality has penetrated its way into the marketplace and transformed businesses around the world. Augmented Reality has the capability to layer digital information in a tangible form atop the real-world view in which we perceive. And hence, AR effectively enhances

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