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Elearning is the industry that has the potential to overtake the traditional learning industry like the value that elearning holds with efficient and interactive learning that can never be matched by traditional institutes and educational organizations. There are great achievements that elearning holds if it is directed in an organized and interactive way. Elearning industry experiences a major boost in the year 2020 as the global pandemic forced institutions and universities all over the globe to go into lockdown. Elearning now has the opportunity to raise its standard and prove its ability to provide quality education to everyone for even the middle-class budget and sometimes for about no budget. 


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Elearning in 2021


Elearning in 2021 is holding a promising nature where it is guessing to have the most massive business through new customer acquisitions and technical advancements. You can imagine the potential of elearning if you get all the new advancements under one platform and provide the best learning experience to the student within their budget. You would have a customer for life as learning always goes neutral. Technical advancements in the year 2021 have all separate impact over elearning software development and new platform developments where new entrepreneurs are coming in with more elearning businesses and trying to dominate this seller’s market by making it a buyers market. It simply means that elearning software is now making a great impact on learners and their parents by showing the need for elearning in their life instead of traditional education. But we have a lot of challenges too in order to make elearning the primary source of education in 2021. 


Know the Elearning Trends and Predictions for 2021


Challenges in eLearning that holds it back- 


  • The Additional Learning Misconception– Elearning is not today’s technology, We have elearning software working in the industry for the last 15-20 years but in all these years elearning was taken as the additional learning source as in simple words elearning was treated as a source to learn something extra than traditional learning. But we didn’t see its potential to serve as the primary education source as most of the platforms are not that credible or able to provide that authentic courses backed by quality content to get the position where we can land many learners who can get their primary education done on elearning software. 
  • Lack of Interactive learning- There are some flaws from entrepreneurs too as they failed to provide the interactive learning experience that wasn’t able to get students to stick to the course. Elearning can only be productive and promising if it is able to stick the child with the course as on the internet there are a lot of distractions. 
  • Not Promotionally correct– We are promoting elearning as the learning solution for the upper-middle class and the learners who are smart enough but the main market where learners are from the lower middle class and their parents who don’t know about the advancements and benefits of getting a quality education at an affordable cost. We are not even targeting eLearning to them but we have a motive in elearning as learning for all. this is the major challenge today in online education. 


What are the new strategies that can be used to overcome these challenges to get a more profitable and valuable elearning business out of it? 


Education for free


Education for free sounds non-admissible as you also have to earn some profits but it’s a great trend and strategy to get the most out of the elearning business. In this strategy, you can offer the free quality courses backed by great course content for free but you can charge them for certification, that’s how you provide free education and earn at the same time. 


This strategy gives you two benefits as first it gives you the mass users and retention rates with more course registration and you are here proving the concept of education for all who can’t afford and who can. And secondly, you will earn some more profit from the people who get the premium membership to get a certification as most of them would prefer to get the certification but if they are not able to, Then they have learned something for free on your brand. 


Features superiority


You can dominate the market by providing the best features in the entire industry and stand out from the competition by this strategy. Features superiority doesn’t mean you get all the basic features and tools to execute the best operation in elearning but it means that in addition to that you are regularly working on research and development of new features and technologies to improve the learning experience over the platform. In 2021, the most promising technology that is expected to get the most attention in the elearning industry is AI. AI-based tools are proved most effective and trusted by parents to get an education. The features like Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality with virtual instructors are on top in this category. You can get them enrolled in your elearning software development to get the most attention, and then you can dominate the market with your quality course content. 


What is the best way to develop an elearning management system with all the new technical improvements and basic elearning tools?


Expertplus is the new and most trending product in the industry that is considered to be the best udemy clone script to develop an elearning software that includes all the readymade features and tools enough to compete with any other learning management system in the industry. 


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