Get to Know What’s New in Laravel 5.6

Laravel 5.6 - Latest Updates

The community of the Laravel is continuously working hard to release numerous new features in their upgraded versions. Their latest long-term support version of Laravel 5.6.22 has been officially launched May 18th 2018. Moreover, similar to its old version, developers are expecting even more features in this new version. Simultaneously, Laravel came with various new features, enhancements, and bug-free to make easy process for the web development. Furthermore, for an efficient web development, the developers must comprehend its modifications and new aspects in the new version.

Let us have an overview of its newly built features below:

New features of Laravel 5.6.20: – (May-3)

  • Support passing Response and Responsable to abort
  • Added pingBeforeIf and thenPingIf methods to task scheduler
  • Added withDefault() support to MorphTo relationships
  • Fixed URL generator when request has base path

New features of Laravel 5.6.21: (May-8)

  • Added FilesystemManager::forgetDisk() method
  • Added –allow parameter to down command
  • Added more comparison validation rules (gt, lt, gte, lte)
  • Added TestResponse::assertCookieNotExpired() method
  • Changed Redis connections now implement the Contracts/Redis/Connection interface

New features of Laravel 5.6.22: (May-15)

  • Added Collection::loadMissing() method
  • Changed Support updating NPM dependencies from preset
  • Changed Support returning Responsable from middleware

What’s new in Laravel 5.6

1. Bootstrap 4:

Bootstrap 4 has been authoritatively launched after more than two years of it being developed. In this vein, all front-end platforms such as the authentication boilerplate, example Vue part and even the pagination interface generation in Laravel have been moved up to utilize Bootstrap 4

2. Argon2 password hashing:

With the launch of PHP 7.2, which adapt argon2 password hashing, Laravel currently supports password hashing through the Argon2 algorithm. A new config/hashing.php outline file is now being included with Laravel, which can be utilized to configure the default hash driver for your app.

3. API controller generation:

Laravel 5.6 makes it much simpler to create APIs with Laravel. It presents a new –api switch to the make: controller Artisan command. This will produce BookController with only the ways (index, store, update and destroy) required when creating APIs. This protects having create() and edit() scattering around or having to manually delete them yourself, since they are not useful when building APIs.

4. Logging improvements:

Logging in Laravel have turned into a great deal with the arrival of Laravel 5.6. The logging framework presently has its own config/logging.php configuration record. You would now be able to effectively create logging stacks that send log messages to different people. It is additionally now easier to personalize present log channels utilizing the logging framework’s new tap functionality.

5. Single server task scheduling:

Another feature included to Laravel 5.6 is “single server task scheduling” that enables the capacity to limit a scheduled job to only execute on a single server. However, before Laravel 5.6, If your app is working on various servers and the task scheduler is also working on these servers, then the scheduled tasks will run multiple times.

6. Dynamic rate limiting:
With the inclusion of dynamic rate limiting in Laravel 5.6, we can now dynamically move any number of demands to be created to the throttle middleware.

7. Broadcast channel classes:
Before, when broadcasting on a private channel, we have to determine a Closure in the routes/channels.php file which is utilised to define whether a user is logged in or not. Moreover, this can easily become a massive relying upon your app. Therefore, in Laravel 5.6, rather than utilizing Closures to approve channels, you may now utilize channel classes.

Model serialization improvements:
Before Laravel 5.6, lined models would not be re-established with their stacked connections in place. However, with the enhancement of Laravel 5.6, now contacts that were stacked on the model when it was lined are naturally re-stacked when the activity is handled by the line.

9. Eloquent date casting:
It’s now very simple to separately modify the setup of Eloquent date cast columns. We easily identify the desired date setup within the cast declaration. Moreover, now this method will be utilizes when serializing the model to an array or JSON.

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