Guide to Set up an E-Learning Marketplace- BSETEC Ideas

Guide to Set up an E-Learning Marketplace- BSETEC Ideas

Today, elearning has conceptualized and changed the traditional method of learning with a black or a white board and chalk or markers. E-learning is a process of gaining knowledge and information through an online educational platform such as a learning management system that provides training and development through various modes such as real-time lectures, courses and videos through which the learners can easily learn whatever they prefer to learn.

E-learning is also known as web-based learning, virtual learning or electronic learning. In the Overcrowded E-learning Marketplace, How Can You Set Yourself Apart?  An e-learning marketplace provides interactive sessions, courses, leatures, etc. on various topics or programs that can be accessed by the learners. 

E-learning can be two different forms:

Synchronous – In this mode of online learning the communication and the interaction between the instructor and the learner take place directly as in video-audio conferencing or chat rooms.

Asynchronous – Asynchronous is a type of online learning where all the information or study materials are passed by the instructor or the teacher to the students or the learners through PDf formats, forums, emails, etc.

An E-learning platform is a collection of various solutions in a single platform. All of these solutions make an e-learning marketplace to work together and carry out the business successfully. Why Should You Build an Online Learning Marketplace in 2021?  If you want to set up an E-learning Marketplace with the best solution then you are at the right place. In the further Blog, we are going to discuss some very important points that will help you to create an excellent online learning marketplace with Bsetec’s udemy clone Expert Plus LMS. Just to begin with an e-learning platform, the following four points are really important to remember.

  • A site to have the courses and oversee content.
  • E-Learning creating apparatuses to plan the courses.
  • A multiple payment Gateway to carry out the transactions efficiently.
  • A Learning Management System programming to evaluate and deal with the learning exercises.

Here are the top three modules that a top-notch Learning Management System similar to udemy must have.

  • Learning Module: Through this module the course and the study material providers can let the learners access various forms of online teaching such as courses, videos, lectures, text based materials, pdf files and much more.
  • Evaluation module: Learners can use this module to receive feedback about their performance for example when they appear for a test or a quiz, which helps them identify their weak areas and work on improving and fixing them.
  • Content Module: This module is very important for the business owner, learner, teacher and literally every one who is a part of the LMS. A large proportion of content is most commonly delivered as text, images, and animations, as well as audio and video in MP3 and WAV formats.

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Expert Plus LMS is an online learning platform that bridges the space between the teacher and the student. Bsetec’s Udemy Clone App is a key advantage of online courses is that they can be automated and programmed to suit the needs of an organization. Udemy Clone : Tips to Develop more simulated Elearning Environment When creating an e-learning platform, there are several things to keep in mind. Expert Plus LMS is integrated with all of these key and advanced features that are mentioned below.

  • User Panel: With our Udemy Clone we offer an advanced user panel that allows users to decide subscription plans, search & select subjects, connect with tutors, raise questions to tutors, and more.
  • Instructor/tutor Panel: Using this feature, instructors can manage their accounts, view and rate posts, receive messages from students, and connect with them via audio and video.
  • Admin Panel: The admin panel is used to manage the entire Udemy Clone, so that the admin can control all online courses, videos lessons, enrolment numbers of students and tutors, revenue, and to publish the exam results.
  • Menu Management: With a series of different courses, it may be difficult to manage and organize the courses based on categories, and in that case, menu management would be of great help. It allows the administrator to manage the front-end and back-end menus, and the submenus can also be added or deleted, depending on the requirements.
  • Email Management: By implementing this email management feature, the admin can establish and maintain a successful relationship with their users and can send reminders and notifications to their inbox, thus maintaining their relationship.
  • High-level Security: The app is protected from any malware attacks and we take high security measures to enrich the application security so that the admin is protected from viruses, spyware, Trojans, worms, and other threats.

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Advance features in online training software- Expert Plus LMS

  • Social Media Login/signup: With Udemy Clone Script, users can log in via social networks such as Twitter, Facebook, Google +, and so on.Users can log in without having to register. By using social login features, an app/website gets the user’s profile directly from social media and enables the user to use the app/website comfortably. 
  • Push Notification: With the push notifications feature, we can notify other users and tutors via SMS/Email when new courses, services, or offers are released.
  • Advanced Search Options: With our Udemy clone app, the user can search for different types of courses, PDFs, documents, videos, and articles available in the application.
  • General Settings: This feature allows users to sign up or log in. Moreover, it allows you to edit profile-related settings such as the profile, password, and image upload. 
  • Multiple Payment Gateways: In addition to providing multiple payment gateways features, our Udemy clone also ensures a secure online payment method that ensures high levels of customer loyalty and leads to higher conversion rates.
  •  Certification: A certificate can be provided to the user at the end of the course by passing the test in our Udemy Clone.

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