How do I become a Blockchain Developer?


You must be having some idea about blockchain by now, if not, it’s a technology that works on a simple principle, shared network to maintain transparent and permanent data. Blockchain development has become popular mainly because it speeds up the process of data transactions and improves security. Blockchain has also created better job opportunities and as it is an emerging field, you are most likely to get into a better position if you undergo blockchain training. Companies often hire blockchain developer to work on their projects, individually or from a firm. So, you can work as a freelance blockchain developer as well.

However, new technology means more new things to learn and experiment, so it is important to keep oneself updated regularly. As you begin to learn, understand the development tools and how you work with them. There are many online communities in sites such as Github and experts share their experiences with the beginners in platforms like Quora, medium etc.,

Keep track of the day to day development in the crypto-economics and since it involves currencies, it is vital to note the fluctuations that may happen. Learn from the completed projects related to blockchain and try to assist or learn from a project that is going on at the moment. The most important yet time-consuming work is to learn the languages involved in blockchain development. The languages are the base, without which the whole idea is meaningless. So start from the basics like Objective C, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Python and Swift. Switch to Solidity, truffle and try to build smart contracts.

There are various areas in which you can inculcate blockchain technology, to name a few,

  • Blockchain in infrastructure
  • Blockchain in Banking
  • Blockchain in IoT
  • Blockchain in healthcare
  • Blockchain in e-governance
  • Blockchain in healthcare
  • Blockchain in Education

The list goes on and you can specialise in as many areas as you want with just the technical skills. If you want to acquire professional skills, you can join courses at BSEtec’s professional training centre. Visit us for more information and facts on Blockchain technology.

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