How to build an EdTech website?

Globally, educational application downloads increased dramatically in the first quarter of 2020. For example, 470 million educational apps were downloaded in the App Store. Google Classroom and YouTube Kids were two of the most popular apps. The COVID-19 epidemic, which has converted the old-school teaching approach, was the primary reason for the enormous growth of online education platforms. It suggests that individuals are gradually beginning to embrace learning through eLearning website platforms like udemy and mobile applications. As a result, EdTech companies have identified these eLearning trends and are interested in launching their own online educational platforms to make use of the demand.

Types of EdTech Applications

  • mLearning: mLearing is an abbreviation for mobile Learning. It is a new way to access online learning resources via mobile devices. The benefit of mLearning is that you may learn on your device at your own pace.
  • EdTech Portal: Learners can readily acquire the needed information via EdTech portals with live online courses. On EdTech mobile and web applications, they can instantly access study materials such as notes, lectures, and assignments.
  • Personalized Learning App: A customized eLearning app is a collection of educational programmes, learning experiences, instructional methods, and procedures designed to meet the specific learning needs of individual students. Graphics, enhanced UI, and development techniques can be used to build visually appealing apps for students.
  • Learning Experience Platform (LXP): Learning Experience Platform offers self-paced eLearning services to businesses, and the platform analyses learners’ previous performance, reports, and behavior. These programmes use artificial intelligence to tailor learning modules to individual needs.
  • Learning Management System (LMS): Learning Management System apps give corporate trainers and learners a rich environment for executing hassle-free and result-oriented training through a content distribution and management system. Using powerful automation techniques, businesses may easily compile groups of learners.
  • BYOC: BYOC(Bring Your Own Cloud) learning apps generate business revenue by adding value to learners’ education. It employs a unique method of eLearning in which students have access to a comprehensive and collective education. The trend allows an organization’s staff to use cloud services.
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Decide How to Create Your EdTech App

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  • Build an in-house Team:
    • To establish your requirements, contact a Project Manager.
    • Customer-centric and lightweight apps for Android and iOS developers
    • Choosing UX/UI designers to design apps that are intuitive, responsive, and user-friendly.
    • To ensure a seamless app experience, you will need testers and QA developers.

Creating an in-house team and discovering these professionals might take time, and you must also invest heavily in the recruitment phase. Aside from that, you must pay office rent in order to purchase various software and technology, but there is no guarantee that your in-house team will work in accordance with your business plans.

  • Hire an Experienced EdTech App Development Company: When hiring EdTech development services, previous performance and clients are crucial. You must examine the portfolios, ratings, and user evaluations of organizations. Transparent policies, pricing predictions, an easy delivery management process, project deadlines, and after-sales customer support are all hallmarks of a professional EdTech development company. Contact BSEtec, the best software development company for all your software needs. 

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