Latest Trends and Features of E-Learning App like Udemy

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Elearning is something that is on its way to becoming the primary source of education and the bigger industry in the coming years. The year 2020 was more like an experimental year for elearning as it was the only source left for education because of the global lockdown. Elearning is serving very well despite lockdown and even parents are now coming forward to trust this source. But in order to make it permanent we have a long road to cover that include developing exceptional platforms, following the latest elearning trends, bringing the latest development technologies to make it more than interactive, and many more. 

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Top Trends & Features of Elearning App like Udemy

There are many trends in elearning apps like Udemy and its advanced features that you can get to keep your elearning software on track in order to achieve a bigger market share. For instance, 

  • Elearning Business Modification

To think about the long term and to get more success for developing a brand acquiring the more valuable learners in the platform, You should get your elearning software with the motive of serving education before charging. This is the smartest and trended model where you can even earn more revenue and users by not even charging for education. In this, you are not charging for elearning courses and education but the thing you are charging is a certification for that particular course So that everyone can learn even without the money but also you will generate revenue as more than 50 percent of learners would buy the certificate if they successfully pass the course. By this, you are also getting some brand value as you are serving the great motive of making valuable learning accessible for all.

  • Elearning Basic Tools

 To develop a more advanced platform you need to make sure you are fully equipped with resources and basic features and tools. It means you should have all the features and tools that any elearning software would have. For instance, 

  • Advanced Admin Dashboard 
  • User Management System 
  • Course Management 
  • Internal chat system
  • Category system
  • Multiple payment gateways
  • Courses content
  • Instructors promotions
  • Admin discounts
  • Bootstrap responsive design
  • Menu management
  • Website security and firewall
  • High tech learning tools
  • Modules managements
  • Social sharing
  • Pages management


Know the Tools & Technologies used in E-Learning Software

  • Advanced Development Tool

To get all the features and tools we mentioned and even with the most latest technologies available in the market, You can consider developing more advanced elearning software with Udemy clone script- ExpertPlus. ExpertPlus is the open-source udemy clone script that allows you to develop the elearning software with all the basic readymade tools and most advanced integrations and even with an exclusive feature, you would desire. 


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