LMS and its Impact on Social Learning

LMS & Social Learning


Rapid technological advancements have enabled the evolution of digital methods used for learning. Numerous technology-supported tools are helping tutors in the implementation of teaching in diversified ways. Among these heterogeneous sets of tools, one of the most crucial one is an LMS or Learning Management Systems. More so, in this ongoing pandemic, the millennials who make up the largest demographic in the society, between their early 20s to late 30s are using LMS to increase and enhance their skills and knowledge, which has a significant impact in changing careers or getting a promotion or for launching their own business. Using an LMS to provide the facility of interaction between students leads to better socialization and it helps in increasing the engagement and understanding of the subject area they are focusing to learn. In online learning, the role of interaction is very vital for effective understanding. While social media has unquestionably become an integral part and parcel of our lives, social networking is helping organizations to take notice of this, and figure out the ways they can leverage this worldwide phenomenon. Thus, a Learning Management System can enhance the quality and experience of the online training programs by having built-in social media functions.

Growth and Evolution of Learning Management System – Future of LMS

One of the most efficient ways of learning is Social Learning. Humans are wired to learn in the following four steps

So, now in the age of digitalization people are learning more effectively through learning in a social environment, as it is not very structured and happens naturally through discussions, interactions, collaborations and debates.

How does LMS impact social learning?

  • Learning made fun and informal– The informal interactions between students, teachers, parents creates a laid-back learning environment to acquire knowledge and share it among their peers, ask for help from professionals and exchange information, making learning fun and engaging.
  • Sense of Community– By providing discussion forums, groups and portals to connect with their fellow learners, an LMS helps in encouraging the learners that they are a community, who can post queries, ask questions, interact, like, share and comment and get responses and share it across all social media platforms.
  • Sharing of content and collabs– Collaboration and sharing while learning through an LMS, is much more functional than a traditional learning system. It gives a real time experience to the learners and they can connect through live videos, webinars and share their content, which makes it a very personal experience.
  • User Generated Content– There’s no one who doesn’t like sharing their best experiences or learning, and knowledge. LMS Not only provides learning to users, the user’s can generate their own content too, showcasing their victories, achievements and successes with their peers or colleagues. This helps the business grow too.
  • Motivation to self-learn–The biggest pro of a Learning Management System is that it is accessible 24X7 and can be operated anytime from any part of the world. It is very convenient for the users to balance time between their work life and education by having learning material available at odd hours. Thus, they get time to self learn and if they lag behind, they can motivate themselves.

Know the Characteristics of a Good LMS

How to build an LMS using Clone Scripts?

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An LMS serves as the best platform for the youngsters to learn socially and globally. So, to beat the competition of the other LMS present out there, don’t delay and build your LMS today using our Udemy Clone.

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