Top 7 interactive classroom ideas

Top 7 interactive classroom ideas

Whether it is a traditional classroom or online education, there are many different approaches to instructing kids. But one of the best methods to teach kids is via interactive classroom activities if you really want students to engage with the lesson and not just memorise facts or statistics. Interactive classroom activities encourage student participation and engagement with the teachings or material by eschewing one-way communication.

  • Brainstorming: Group brainstorming sessions are a fantastic method to get your students involved in what they are learning. They get to discuss the subject with other students instead of just thinking about it alone at their desk, which will make them more involved and give them a fresh perspective on the lesson. When brainstorming, there are frequently no wrong responses; students can openly express their ideas without concern for failing. Among the resources utilised for sharing and brainstorming are:
  • Materials used for writing or sketching on paper, posterboard, or a whiteboard.
  • Software for concept mapping, Word, Photoshop, or other digital writing or drawing tools.
  • Collaborative programmes like Zoom, Google Docs, and Google Hangouts.
  • Peer review sessions: While some kids may struggle a little, others may thrive in particular subjects. Peer reviews and study groups can be a fantastic approach to promote student assistance as well as interaction and collaboration in the classroom. Just be sure to keep an eye on them at all times; Peer reviews and study sessions should feel empowering for both students, rather than devolving into bullying or putting one student down.
  • Puzzles with prize: Incentivizing students can make a big difference in making the classroom more participatory. A puzzle that relates to your current lesson plan should be placed in the centre of the classroom. The first student (or students) to solve it will receive a prize. For instance, when teaching young pupils the fundamentals of math (such as addition and multiplication), fill a big jar with candy and ask them to figure out how many pieces there are. Then, the candy and the container belong to the winner. Your pupils will be more inclined to participate in the puzzle with a prize exercise because it not only presents an interactive learning opportunity but also links it to a reward.
  • Field trip: One of the finest methods to make learning interactive is to take your kids on a field trip since it brings the subject to life. Find strategies to extend your teaching beyond the classroom. Does your upcoming course cover animal biology? Plan a trip to the zoo so that they can see those animals in person.
  • Bring historical characters to life: You can assign a paper for your students to write about a historical character. Or, to make the experience more engaging, you may ask them to genuinely bring that historical figure to life. Instead of writing a report, ask your student to dress up as the historical figure and speak to the class as that person. The same amount of research and preparation will be required, but because your student will have to act and think like the historical figure, it will aid in their grasp of the material.
  • Concept drawing or Acting: 
  1. Want to be certain that your pupils are understanding the material you are teaching? Have them illustrate it. You can check that they fully grasp the material you’re teaching by having them draw it, and it also instantly makes the class more participatory and interesting.
  2. You can have your kids act out the topic you’re teaching as well as have them draw it. This will enable you to confirm that they understand the material completely and will also encourage participation in the session by getting them up from their chairs.
  • Skype call to other classrooms: One of the finest strategies to increase interaction in your class? interaction between classes. Set up a Skype debate with a teacher from a different school in which your pupils and the students from the other classroom—which could be located in a different city, state, or even country—discuss a subject they are both studying about. As a tech-savvy generation, your students will be eager to use Skype while classes are in session in addition to being eager to engage with students in other classrooms.

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