What are the eLearning and corporate learning trends in 2022?

Learning is a continuous process, completing school or uni isn’t the end of the learning process! Whether we are a student or a corporate professional, We have to work on our skills to be a part of the game. Many corporate companies are focusing on cultivating a learning cultural environment for  Upskilling (sharpening skills for an existing role), Reskilling (Imparting additional skills for a new or expanded role) and Cross training (Providing training to help a person take on additional work related to their current role). With this there is a need for an e-Learning platform, so that students/ Employees can learn the required skills from wherever they are at their spare time and at their own pace. All this has made L&D ( Learning and development) managers incorporate many new strategies to e-Learning platforms to provide holistic and effective learning techniques. Below are the trends that can be expected in 2022 in the field of e-Learning or corporate learning.


  1. Artificial Intelligence: With Artificial Intelligence ( AI) there is gonna be a paradigm shift in online education. Already the learning and development        ( L&D ) managers are trying to incorporate AI in online education platforms. Some of them include Augmented reality / Virtual reality (AR / VR). AR/VR technology also allows students to circumnavigate the globe and explore historically important moments up close and personal, traveling the universe without ever leaving the classroom. One more thing the L&D managers are working towards is including NLPs in eLearning platforms. Alexa, Siri are some examples of NLPs. Though incorporating AI in eLearning platforms is only in the budding stage it holds the power to positively 180⁰ shift in the Online education modality.
  2. Game based learning / Gamification: If someone handovers you a text book and a PS, what would you choose? Obviously PS right! Who would compromise playing games over a book?! Not everyone engages in learning monotonous study material right? What if we bring gaming into learning? L&D managers are striving hard to teach lessons through games. Gamification allures learners into engaging in their training by showcasing it as a ‘play thing.’ Again, in the Gamification aspect, Duolingo fares far better than many eLearning applications. Be it with instant grading, animos (characters including the Owl), leaderboard, challenges and achievement, and many more.
  3. Data Analytics: Data can be collected and analyzed to determine what skills employees in particular job roles or departments would need to improve performance. Companies can also take information they collected from employees to create the best training flow that addresses the individual’s or team’s needs. The information collected is useful in monitoring the progress of employees and can also provide guidance for the employees. And as many companies are realizing, data also helps determine what is not working. With the information collected, companies can determine the success of their learning program and make educated decisions to keep it as it is, change the program, or cut out a particular learning segment that is failing.
  4. Interactive content: 93% of marketers say interactive content is highly effective for educating customers. It also attracts 2x the engagement static content gains. By incorporating Interactive pdfs, Surveys, quizzes, Interactive timelines, Infographics and interactive datas, you engage your audience better while doubling — even tripling the value you offer. This inturn helps in growing your brand loyalty, levels up your SEO game and improves your audience engagement.
  5. Social learning: Social learning is one of the most effective ways humans learn. Social learning is a cognitive process that lets people discuss learning objectives and enables them to share their perspectives. It’s an easy way to help peers understand better by breaking down complicated points into a language that they comprehend. Social learning can be incorporated in Learning management platforms by integrating it with facilities such as Discussion forums/ Peer Networking, Live chat functionality, Social media sharing,  Ask the expert column and Badges for learners performance (creates a healthy competitive atmosphere and motivates to learn more).


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