What to Consider While Prototyping Your Software Solutions?

Prototyping Your Software

An essential stage towards the final mobile app development is prototyping. Prototyping is an integral part of design thinking because it allows you to test whether the design idea is user friendly or not and gives room for improvement and experimenting with the rough draft of the final product before the development cycle begins.

Make Prototyping Easy with ProtoMock

Say you make a project after brainstorming thousands of ideas and planning for months or years– and then after the final development of that idea happens–you obviously want it to be phenomenal and perfect. You did all you could, and assembled it with all the prerequisites and without missing out on any necessary details. However, when the website is launched, it didn’t quite make a mark in the marketplace. It didn’t attract much customers and didn’t capture your niche market. There is a high possibility of that happening if you are developing your software without Prototyping. Therefore it is crucial to include prototyping in the process of software development and design. 


Things You Need to Consider While Prototyping Your Software Solutions


  • Requirement identification– Gathering the basic requirements from the technology to the user interface preferences should be the preliminary step of requirement identification. This basic knowledge on what are the needed changes is the pillar of your prototype which eventually determines the intricate internal and intuitive design.
  • Initial prototype– The entire Prototyping process revolves around the concept that it gives the similar look and feel of the product, and also to get an idea of its working and if further improvements are needed or not. However, the initial prototype may look a certain way which may not correspond to the actual software. It is just a mockup, not the software itself. 
  • User Testing– After the completion of the initial mockup of the product prototype, you can call in stakeholders and experiment the product between the target audience and see how they are responding to it. By this process, the flaws in the design can be marked and further put into review. 
  • Early feedback– Getting to know the strong and the weak sides which help to polish the prototype is the benefit of an early feedback. An early feedback saves the user from making small errors that might cost him a fortune after the development of the final app. 
  • Revise and repeat– Now that all the feedback has been accumulated, the review committee can discuss and come to a conclusion on what changes are to be incorporated and what features are to be enhanced. It can’t be too simple or too complex, it has to be just right. So, continuous revision is needed until user satisfaction is achieved. 

Know Why Prototyping is a Vital Step in the Design Process?


Prototyping is an important step towards successful product development. It breathes life into static wireframes and helps to explore the whole concept of the app, check the design and to get the valuable important customer feedback, and, finally, see the final development result before the app itself is produced. It all allows you to plan other stages of development and make critical decisions to improve productivity; therefore, get better business results. Protomock allows you to do all the above and bonus, it also offers you design support! So, if you want to get going with your prototyping needs– contact Protomock today!

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