Why Collaborate With Experts For Live Streaming Script?

Serving a multitude of purposes, live streaming platforms are all the rage in today’s digital age. It surpasses any static or video content with its cutting edge technologies and addition of a human element. Not only does it help to build online communities for supporting different brands, but also it is a medium to connect a large audience by giving live access to the face behind the brand or business. However, the live streaming platform is still not overcrowded with competitors and smart businesses have already started to create their own live-streaming platforms to stay ahead of the curve. Many are investing in building live-streaming apps and websites like Periscope, Bigo, Twitch, Tango, etc.

From-the-scratch development of an app or website is quite expensive and extremely time-consuming. But, thanks to live-streaming clone scripts that can help to create a live streaming platform quite affordably and quickly. 

Live Plus is one such seamless live streaming PHP script provided by BSEtec, that has been created by expert developers in this domain. 


The features provided by the Live video streaming script are–

  • You can ‘go live’ anytime and anywhere– With the help of our Live streaming app script, you can easily ‘go live’ with one tap, similar to the periscope app. You can reach an audience all around the globe by going live from your own platform, which will give the brand more credibility and raise awareness about your brand in front of a large number of people. 
  • You can build your personal brand– By hosting live product launches, events and expos through your streaming platform, you can enrich your brand by giving your customers a more personalized experience, by showing behind the scenes, hosting giveaways and contests, etc. This will help in your personal branding of the business. 
  • You can understand what the audience likes better– By hosting live Q&A sessions through your live streaming website, you can understand what your audience would prefer having in your product or service and this will help in building a stronger bond between the business and the users. 
  • You can directly interact with the audience through live comments– People who are watching your live stream can comment and ask you questions they have about the brand which you can answer to further clarify their doubts in the live video. Live streaming platform is one of the most interesting, interactive and informative ways to interact with your customers and engage them with your brand. 
  • You can monetize your content– Every brand’s motto is to make a greater revenue through the content or product they create. So, our live streaming script offers to monetize the content by sharing gifts in the form of coins, which can later be withdrawn from the administrator. 


So, now that you are aware of the features of what a top-quality live streaming clone script like Live Plus has to offer– you can opt for using this to create your live streaming platform now! For further details contact BSEtec today. 

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