Become A Successful Entrepreneur With A Video Streaming Platform Like BigoLive clone

Become A Successful Entrepreneur With A Video Streaming Platform Like BigoLive clone

Bigo is a very well-known live streaming app service that has over 150 nations as users, while, the software has a live video streaming feature as well as a social media  platform for short videos called Like. The app, which is based in Singapore, has earned international acclaim since its debut. The Bigo app aspires to be the finest content platform for billions of people worldwide.

Periscope was primarily designed specifically for live streaming and was purchased by Twitter in 2015 and became popular within a few months after its release on the Android and iOS app stores. The software allowed live-streaming through GoPro, which was well-received by vloggers and other mainstream content providers.

How to become a successful entrepreneur with a live streaming platform?

  • Plan ahead and decide on the features
  • We recommend BSEtec’s Stream BIz as the best online live streaming app script.
  • Customize your app’s layout and icons by selecting a theme.
  • Add the features you want, such as a chatbox, privacy panels, social login, and so on.
  • Describe how your app differs from the rest of the competition.
  • Make your app available on Google Play and the App Store.

Marketers and company owners will benefit from online live streaming script as well. According to the Interactive Advertising Bureau, 52 per cent of live stream users would rather watch free content with advertisements than pay for a subscription that would remove commercials. Live video streaming provides a viable platform for advertising and promotions, and marketers may gain real-time information about viewers and their demographics, allowing for more relevant ad customization.

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The Live Streaming Clone- StreamBiz

StreamBiz has a variety of features among which we are discussing a few dow below:

  • Social Login – Instead of filling out forms, users may log in using their current social media login details, by logging in with just a tap on their mobile screens.
  • Go Live – Participate in a live debate with an infinite number of individuals from all over the world and go live from anywhere at any point in time.
  • Search – Users can use keywords or particular usernames to search for any broadcast, or the people or pages they would like to follow and stream.
  • Profile – Video streamers can access their videos through their individualised accounts, where they can manage their profile by adding a bio, status, etc.
  • Notifications – Users may customise their notification settings and prioritise the reminders that appear on their cellphones and you can be reminded of new broadcast, live streams of various celebrities, etc.
  • People – Users may view, follow, connect and interact with the accounts of new users and listen to prominent users’ trending broadcasts.

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So, if you want to create your very own live streaming platform like Bigo or Periscope, opt for StreamBiz- the next generation live streaming platform. Contact BSEtec now for further information on StreamBiz.

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