Benefits and Risks of Prototyping in Business Analysis

The process of crafting an early or rough draft of the final system or product is called Prototyping. Prototyping has become important due to the required investments along with the complexity of modern solutions. To justify the feasibility of undertaking costly projects, a “proof of concept” or a “prototype” is commonly a prerequisite. To present an approximation of a solution to the users– Prototyping is a cost-effective way. Prototyping is a highly beneficial method for analyzing flaws and refining unclear areas and helps a team to visualize requirements. It is a rapid way of identifying the shortcomings of the project and getting along to rectify it prior to its development. 

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The General Prototyping Process has the Following Steps– 

  • Requirement Gathering
  • Quick Design
  • Building Prototype
  • Engineer Product
  • Refining Prototype
  • Customer Evaluation

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Benefits of Prototyping in Business Analysis

Prototype is not the finished project, it is merely a rough draft of the final deliverable. It is predominantly used in design and development of physical projects. Especially when it comes to building a website or app, prototyping will help to give the idea of the platform into a more palpable form. Prototyping surely has a number of benefits– 

  • Reduced Time and Costs– Prototyping helps to save a lot of time, because if the project is already developed and then some bug or glitch is found– say the User Interface isn’t user friendly, then the entire resource spent on the project will go to waste. It has to be restructured and reworked until it matches the taste and vision of the user. However, prototyping the project will reduce that time and energy wasted, by investing it in the process which will allow you to point out the drawbacks beforehand and finally invest in starting the final project.
  • Early and enhanced User Feedback– Prototyping allows the user to test and analyze what are the drawbacks, shortcomings and flaws are there in the working prototype. It also allows the user to understand whether it is needed or not, and what should be changed to enhance it. It gives the user a look and feel of the final version of the product. 
  • Collaboration with Stakeholders– While developing a prototype, you can collaborate with a team, group or company who can guide you through making the design and also let you know their opinions, what will work and what won’t, along with their comments on the design you made. This will help you in getting validation of your product.

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Risks Involved in Prototyping

However, there are also a few risks involved in prototyping– 

  • Wrong evaluation of time of real development– Prototyping is a very rapid and quick process. However, looking at the time needed to make a prototype, the user might think that a similar amount of time will be needed for developing the actual project. However, building the final platform will take time, and the user has to be made aware about it by the analyst. 
  • Get mistaken that this is the final draft– User may think that the kind of functionality that the prototype has, the original website/app will also be the exact same, forgetting that this is just a rough draft. 
  • Getting carried away– Spending too much time prototyping and getting carried away is another con of doing prototyping. The analyst should remember that this rough draft is sufficient enough for the people to just get a generic idea of the final product. This is not the final product itself. 

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It is always suggested to understand the requirements first by spending time on prototyping, although not the entire time. 

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