E-Learning App Development – A Solution to Reinforce The Education System Through Online

Thanks to the uncanny virus! Online education isn’t in debates anymore! Online education is good or bad? Traditional teaching methods Vs Online education! The pandemic pushed each and every school around the globe to adopt emergency remote education.

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Why do we need online education? 

These are some loopholes in our current traditional education system. Here are 3 major points why we have to adopt online education.

  • Lack of access to high-quality content: Students in Tier 1 cities usually get access to high-quality education. But the case is grim in Tier-3 towns, these students are underserved on the account of availability of better education. UNICEF quoted “ Learning assessments show that many of those children who are in school are not learning the basics of literacy and numeracy or the additional knowledge and skills necessary for their all-round development as specified under the Right to Education Act”. But online education can serve quality education to everyone.
  • Lack of effective methods: Traditional method of teaching solely focuses on passing an exam with good merits. It doesn’t evaluate whether the student possesses the necessary skill or understood the concept of a particular subject. It lacks effective methods for evaluation.
  • Lack of smart tools for data and report analysis for every student: In traditional teaching methods, the teacher is already piled up with assignment evaluations, unit test evaluations, preparing assessments for the upcoming exams, and preparing notes for the upcoming lectures. Between this, they have to generate performance report cards for every student which is practically impossible to be accurate. We cant evaluate a student based only on marks and grades alone. But online education has built-in smart analytic tools that generate individual reports for every student based on many attributes.

Hi-Tech Learning

By providing numerous courses, modules, videos, and study materials like eBooks, Articles, etc. our clone is a platform enabling modernistic & advanced forms of learning. It provides a holistic form of learning that helps the students to excel in their education and courses.

Course Discussions

Discussion Forums, where the Students and Instructors can discuss the courses. Discussion forums make learning easier, fun, and engaging by providing a platform for the users to discuss issues, communicate among their peers, or ask their course instructors queries related to the course or their subject of interest.

Course Reminders

The Learners will get regular reminders through email notifications. This way no one misses important lectures or course discussions, which in turn increases students’ performance since they would have attended all the course lectures.

Social Sharing

Users can share courses on social media at ease. This social sharing helps in spreading the main objectives of eLearning programs and enables close communication among all learners and facilitates the admin to generate interest-based polls, surveys, and discussions for collaborating and engaging both the trainers and learners.


Quizzes Help in testing the Learner’s knowledge by making learning fun and engaging. The study revealed that students who studied and were then tested had a better long-term recall of the materials, even on information not covered by the tests.

Course Certification

If any user avails and completes a course, a certificate of completion or appreciation along with their name tag is provided to the users.

Social Login

Any User Can Log in Via Various Social Networks Like Facebook, Google+, Etc. Social login provides a smoother experience for LMS users without any anxiety of forgetting passwords and login ids, users can log in with social logins seamlessly.

Conclusion :

To create your own eLearning platform for teaching & training, use our advanced eLearning PHP script for iOS and Android. Check it out by downloading it from the App Store today! And to create your own custom-made eLearning platform, go for the most eminent and user-friendly udemy clone script ExpertPlus LMS, contact BSEtec for more details.


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