How Technology in Real Estate is Playing a Crucial Role


Gone are the days where a person has to run behind a real estate property agent looking for the property he plans to buy. With the tremendous advancements in technology, everything from education to shopping is going digital. Then why not real estate? Technologies like Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality are playing crucial roles in Real Estate app or website development. The phone apps and websites have taken over everything including–cutting the need for real estate agents and replacing them with technology. This says a lot of time and money e and provides real time experience of looking through various properties without even moving an inch from the comfort of your home. Thus, investing in real estate mobile app development or website development is an expert level move. The greater the expansion in the number of smartphone users the more will be the demand of Real Estate Apps and websites. So if you are thinking of building an on-demand app or a website for your real estate business you have come to the right place to take your business venture to the next level. AssetPlusit is the Trulia and Zillow clone script that helps you to develop your dream website or app for Real Estate. 

Rule the Real Estate Market With Trulia Clone App

How is Using Real Estate PHP Script Going to Benefit Your Business?

Building a real estate app or website from scratch is a very hectic and tedious job. It is very time consuming and requires a lot of time to get developed. Here are the few reasons why you should choose to use a property listing script like Trulia and Zillow for developing your app or website–


  • DOESN’T MAKE A HOLE IN YOUR POCKET– making an app like Trulia and Zillow can be very costly as it requires the hard work of a web developer. However,  using a clone script like Trulia or Zillow doesn’t cost you a fortune and therefore does not make a hole in your pocket.
  • COMPATIBLE IN ALL PLATFORMS– given the fact that every human today uses different platforms and digital devices like smartphone, laptop, tablet, phablet or desktop, etc. The clone script Asset Plus is compatible in both iOS and Android. This makes it easily accessible through all platforms. 
  • LESS TIME CONSUMING– As clone scripts are the replica of an existing website or app, it takes a lot less time to develop. This in turn helps you when you are running on a time crunch. 
  • DEEP CUSTOMIZATION– The Clone scripts are fully customizable and have different categories and filters where you can find different color schemes and templates to choose from. There are various property profiles with images and also 3D views using AR.
  • BRINGS TRAFFIC– Being from a famous brand itself, the Trulia and Zillow clone script helps to increase the traffic of the website or app because of being SEO optimized and therefore it increases the visibility of the website or app. 


The Billionaire Guide On developing a profitable online real estate Marketplace Script


This is how technology is playing a very crucial role in real estate. More and more people these days are getting inclined towards their phones for everything, including real estate, so it’s high time to use technology to your advantage and stay ahead of your competitors using AssetPlus.

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