How to Improve Learning Management System? – Top 5 Strategies


Covid-19 pandemic has its unprecedented impact over all sectors. From shopping to learning, everything is being done by the users online. Digital advancements have taken over the traditional and conventional ways of learning. eLearning has become a part and parcel of our daily routines. Be it a school goer, or a person who wants to acquire new skills for enhancing his CV at work, everyone relies upon a good Learning Management System, For eg:- Udemy. However, if you are a school, college or university trying to build your own LMS or looking on the ways to improve learning management system for publishing online courses and assigning virtual work to your students which they will not find boring, you need to have a good LMS that is aligned with your needs, mission and goals. Without appropriate or sufficient knowledge optimizing your LMS tools can be a daunting task. It cannot be too complicated nor too simple. It just has to have the right amount of bling.

In this article lets see the ways to improve LMS in detail.

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5 Strategies to Improve LMS

  • Use AI/AR/VR– With the rapid technological advancements, Artificial Intelligence has slowly and quietly crept in every facet of our lives. Use of Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality in online education can be very helpful in giving on-hand training in high risk areas like medical sectors and army. It will help give the student a proper understanding of the subject and would not even pose any physical threat after AR or VR training. It helps the student to be engaged and ‘actually’ understand what he is learning.
  • Conduct Live Classes– Experiencing a personal connection is very crucial in the times of a global pandemic. Conducting live classes through live video streaming brings in the human element and engages the audience and establishes an instant connection between the broadcaster and the audience and benefits the communication process. The audience can directly interact and ask questions to the video streamer and get instant replies, which is one element that is missing in normal videos.
  • Make it interactive– Having a discussion forum where users can interact with one another– by asking questions, sharing opinions and knowledge, and get to learn from their peer groups. This makes learning interactive and fun.
  • Add gamification– Adding a gamification feature for the users helps to enhance their experience by providing features such as badges, trophies and points to promote a higher skill level and unlock new features. This will make the users motivated and help in the further learning process. Don’t forget to add quizzes throughout and at the end of the course after which they can unlock the certificate of completion.
  • Make it mobile friendly– the primary purpose of developing a learning management system is that users can learn from anywhere at any time using any device they prefer. There has been a gradual increase in the number of smartphone users of which millennials make up the majority. Therefore having an LMS that is compatible in mobile phones be it Android or iOS is crucial and one of the best strategies to improve learning management system.



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