Implementation of New Blockchain Payment Technology “STELLAR” for secured Transactions

STELLAR - New Blockchain Payment Technology

What is STELLAR?

Stellar is a block chain payment innovation created upon the Ripple procedure, however, it has changed several things since its commencement. Unlike Ripple, Stellar targets to function with enhancing markets instead of banking systems and other well-established financial organizations. Stellar is totally different from Bitcoin cryptocurrency in terms of transaction approval. Instead of utilizing an entire system to authorize a transaction, Stellar utilizes a quorum, just a part of the entire network. As a consequent, Stellar is considered as the most rapid transactions conductor.  On account of this element, Stellar is thought to be an extraordinary choice for private companies, non-profits, small banks, and inside-organization exchanges. One of the essential Stellar partnership is with IBM, as the organization now utilizes the Stellar system as a passage for transactions crosswise over countries in the South Pacific.

Features of Stellar payment technology

  • It enables low-cost payments between different digital money.
  • Transactions can be made within 2-5 seconds.
  • Get commenced on the Stellar rapidly with developer-friendly software and tools.
  • Complete documentation; tooling; includes strong API and developer based portal.
  • A huge range of professional SDKs in multiple programming languages such as Java, JS, .Net, Go, Python & Ruby.
  • Regulatory compliance
  • International reach with a single integration
  • Great for micropayments: A $0.01 fee handles ~600,000 transactions
  • Automatic currency exchange


How does Stellar Inflation functions?
Stellar does not utilise proof-of-stake (PoS) like Qtum. It also does not utilise a dividend system such as Neo’s Gas generation. Therefore, a question will be arising now on how to receive rewards; the best response is “Inflation”. There exist numerous famous inflation portals, however, several people will view this circulated process in as negative, and some considered it out as a method of centralisation.

Stellar Consensus Protocol
The stellar core is the vital part of the Stellar network and does the major work in approving and authorizing on the status of entire transactions with other occurrences of the Core through SCP (Stellar Consensus Protocol). Moreover, Stellar Core tools also enable users to provide new resources or submit transactions to the Stellar System. Anyone can download Stellar Core and begin to run a node.

The Stellar Core Protocol offers a method to achieve consensus without depending on a locked network to precise register financial exchanges or performing proof of work or Proof of stake sorts of incorporations. It implements “Federated Byzantine Agreement,” the latest technique to reach consensus in a practical system that comprises the default “Byzantine” nodes with mechanical issues or malfunctions. Furthermore, to accept Byzantine errors, Stellar core protocol is created not to need common consent for the whole set of nodes for the network to achieve a contract, and to tolerate nodes that depend or send improper information.

Preferably, anyone can start the Stellar system by organizing Stellar Core server to the network. The network becomes stronger with more servers. Nevertheless, since we will never obtain any earning out of it, only financial institutions are likely to be a part of the network for their own profits. Therefore, this would make network centralized among financial institutes only.

In order to provide you, even more, secured transaction services, a blockchain development company can easily adapt this new innovation. BSEtec, a leading blockchain development companies in India is specialized in Stellar blockchain technology. We always provide you’re the best in hand solutions for all your cryptocurrency exchanges. We not only offer Blockchain development we too include the services of Initial Coin Offering and also we own our Cryptocurrency wallet. Make all your transactions safely and save your digital money with secured wallets.


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