Software to create online training courses

Software to create online training courses

There are several software options available for creating online training courses. It provides features and tools to help you develop, deliver and interactive training content with a wide range of software to create the online courses likely of udemy clone script. Some popular software options include:

  1. Expertplus LMS – Udemy clone: It is a powerful e-learning authoring tool that allows you to create responsive courses with interactive elements, quizzes, and simulations. It supports various multimedia formats and offers options for publishing courses on multiple platforms. Expertplus LMS – Udemy clone is developed in PHP with the Laravel framework. 
  1. LearnOnAir: It is a widely used software that enables you to create highly interactive and customizable e-learning courses. LearnOnAir offers a user-friendly interface, drag-and-drop functionality, and a wide range of built-in templates and characters.
  1. Moodle: It is an open-source learning management system (LMS) that provides tools for creating and delivering online courses. It offers features for course management, content creation, assessment, and collaboration.

At least 60% of internet users have indulged in online learning, because they can comfortably do it in the comfort of their time and place. 80% of companies and 50% of institutional students have used an e-learning platform. These software options vary in terms of pricing, features, and ease of use. Expertplus LMS – Udemy clone script is affordable, easy to customize & simple to create courses. Expertplus LMS is available as a web application and mobile app both Play Store and App Store. 

Software checks?

The Registered Instructor can Create a Course. Instructors can create Free and Paid Courses and Publish them in Expertplus LMS – Udemy clone script. After submitting the course, if Admin Sends Feedback, then those feedbacks will be listed. The instructor can reply to the admin via the Reply option in Expertplus LMS – Udemy clone script 

  • Title: CourseTitle ( Example: How to Create a Document)
  • SubTitles: CourseSubTitle ( Example: Create a Document)
  • Keyword:​ Add course important keywords (Example: Document, Project, Documentation)
  • Category:​ Choose your course category (Example: Design)
  • Language: Chooseyour teaching language (Example: English)

Here, the Course​ Category default is set as ‘Education’ and Language as ‘English’. Fill in all the information and click the ‘SAVE’​ Button​. Also In this part of Expertplus LMS – the Udemy clone script you can add or change your course image and update it.

You can use these file formats:​ gif, .jpg, .jpeg, or .png file. For each course, you can add a Lecture in Expertplus LMS – Udemy clone script Instructor can create a Lecture and content. click the Add Lecture button to Add Content  in Expertplus LMS – Udemy clone script. Each and every Lecture can be published individually.

Possible to add content format.

  1. Text
  1. Document
  1. Video
  1. Audio

Allowed File Types :

✓ Document Files ​allowed ​pdf​ file types. 

✓ Audio Files allowed ​MP3/WAV ​file types

✓ Video Files allowed ​MP4/mov/avi/flv ​file types.

PUBLISH your course in Expertplus LMS – Udemy clone script 

  • Click the PUBLISH button To Publish Your LECTURE in Expertplus LMS – Udemy clone script 
  • After Publishing Only users can view your Lecture
  • By clicking on the Publish button it will Change to UNPUBLISH.
  • If you like to Unpublish your Lecture, you can Click the UNPUBLISH Button.

Create a coupon for the course  in Expertplus LMS – Udemy clone script 

In Expertplus LMS – Udemy clone script click the “Create​ Coupon”​ button in the price tab. Open one popup window. Instructors can create and post coupons for the instructor’s current course.

  • Coupon Type: ​Coupons are of two types – Percentage, Fixed Price
  • Coupon value:​ To set the Coupon value
  • Description: Entercoupon description
  • Start Date:​ Coupon start date
  • End Date: Couponexpiration date
  • Coupon Status:​ Coupon status active or inactive

This is just a quick way of creating a course using  Expertplus LMS – Udemy clone script. To know more, you can reach BSEtec, a leading blockchain development company that has built the software Expertplus LMS – Udemy clone script to create online courses for the betterment of the users & instructors.

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