Can live streaming apps, onboard entrepreneurs?

Can live streaming apps, onboard entrepreneurs?

Live streaming is a great tool for businesses that are just starting out and don’t have a huge advertising budget. It doesn’t require any special equipment, all you need is smartphones which are presented as per individual headcount in the family as essential needs in this technological world, so you can easily start streaming at minimal costs as it reaches a large audience quickly. Many live-streaming apps onboard entrepreneurs. Let us see how it makes.

Live streaming platforms like Facebook Live, Instagram Live, YouTube Live, and Streambiz – inspiration of Periscope, bigo live platforms provide entrepreneurs with an opportunity to showcase their products, services, or expertise to a wide audience in real-time.

Ways of Entrepreneurs using a Live Streaming app?

  • Entrepreneurs can use live streaming sessions in the Streambiz app to launch new  products.
  • Conducts Live Q&A sessions in live streaming sessions in the Streambiz app
  • Provide tutorials or demonstrations in live streaming sessions in the Streambiz app
  • Host webinars or workshops in live streaming sessions in the Streambiz app, and 
  • Engage with their audience directly through live streaming sessions in the Streambiz app.

Live streaming apps can be a powerful tool for entrepreneurs to build their brand, connect with potential customers, and generate sales or leads how?

Just reached BSEtec – a leading digital solution provider that has a ready-made solution for live streaming apps – stream biz was inspired by Periscope’s live streaming app.

Step 1: Login as streamer /broadcaster –  click “go live”

Step 2: Viewers log in and join the live session of the new steamer or earlier followed streamers using the MAP option or receive a push notification when the new live starts. 

Step 3: Viewers can send Gifts to broadcasters as tokens of appreciation. 

Step 4: The Broadcaster can initiate  → streaming session to showcase your products to viewers.

Step 5: Viewers can Comment to enquire about the product, cost other stuff and the broadcaster can give a reply.

Step 6: Viewers & broadcasters can share their live sessions via other social media platforms to let others in and expand your audience. 

Step 7: The features of the inspired script of the Periscope live streaming app can be customized as industries involved in streaming.

These are the simpler ways to reach your target audience in a short span from your handy friend “ Smartphones”, nearly 78% of people have a streaming service in any of the forums mediums.

Entrepreneurs can use the live streaming script Streambiz app to live stream product demonstrations, launch events, or even conduct virtual workshops or training sessions.

Here is a step-by-step scenario of an Entrepreneur – Digital solutions 

  1. Digital Solutions An entrepreneur purchased a live streaming app from BSEtec – set up an account on a live streaming app-  Streambiz app and customized their profile.
  1. They schedule live streaming sessions in the Streambiz app to announce the launch of their new product or service.
  1. On the day of the live stream, the entrepreneur-digital solutions go live and start showcasing the features and benefits of their product or service via live streaming sessions in the Streambiz app.
  1. Viewers interact with the entrepreneur – digital solutions in real-time by asking questions or providing feedback through comments or chat during live streaming sessions in the Streambiz app.
  1. The entrepreneur -digital solutions respond to their viewer’s questions and engage with the audience, creating a sense of community and building trust using live streaming sessions in the Streambiz app.
  1. During the live stream, the entrepreneur-digital solutions offered exclusive discounts or limited-time offers to viewers, encouraging them to make a purchase.
  1. After the live stream, the entrepreneur-digital solutions also saved the video and shared it on other platforms for those who missed the live event.
  1. Digital solutions also analyze the engagement metrics of the live streaming sessions in the Streambiz app, such as the number of viewers, comments, and likes, to measure the success of the event.
  1. Based on the feedback and engagement received, the entrepreneur-digital solutions made improvements for future live-streaming events. So the success ratio is higher than the imaginary level by digital solutions. 

Overall, live streaming apps likely Streambiz app provide entrepreneurs with a powerful tool to connect with their audience, generate buzz around their products or services, and drive sales. It allows them to build a personal brand, establish credibility, reach a wider audience beyond physical limitations and achieve brand awareness among a voluminous crowd. 

Also, we can specify that live streaming is the future more keenly. The video streaming market globally is forecast to reach USD 184.3 billion by 2027. In fact, if anything, the pace of change in streaming is only going to quicken, and the future is going to be even more exciting, so never wait for your turn to get connected with BSEtec to develop and launch your presence in the global market to attire digitized phase of your business growth.

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