Your Guide to Livestreaming: Choosing the Best Apps for Your Content 

your guide to livestreaming: choosing the best apps for your content.

In today’s fast-moving world, people use mobile devices and its sibling named “Internet “.  Big or Small occasions reach millions in a fraction of a second! Wonder what connects people across the globe instantly? Next to mobiles, the thing that connects all of us are videos.  Live Streaming applications enacted as king during the pandemic as a bridge between the people (patients) and doctors.

Use Cases – Live streaming application
1. Education
2. Social media marketing /influencers
3. Health sector
4. E-commerce industry

1. Education :  Bored of academics, and passionate about arts, music, and upskilling programmes? Well, many organizations have migrated from traditional blackboard methodology to live-streaming applications to communicate and broadcast. Even if you miss the live class, everyone can replay the recorded live session.

2. Social media marketing and Influencers : A Live Streaming application is the best thing that happens to all the influencers, public speakers share their opinions and circulate messages to reach millions of views, likes, shares and comments. Overall serves as the best entertainer with one scroll in mobile apps.

3. Health Sector : In and post-pandemic, healthcare plays a key role with live streaming applications, providing live consultation for patients that avoid longer time travel, queue at clinics, and time consumption. Visit your doctor from wherever you are with just a click on mobile apps.

4. E-commerce industry : Who doesn’t love shopping? The E-commerce industry brings the real shopping world rear view into hands. Join live under your favorite store and book your products, clothing, Gadgets, household items a-z materials via live sessions with streaming apps.

How to choose the best live-streaming applications?

Choose a live-streaming app that has the following features for better user engagement, outreach and ease of access!

  • User Friendly :  Live streaming app that is developed in perspective of all age groups, ease of access, smooth navigation, and latest feature availability. 
  • Authentication : Viewers should be able to access live content securely, Check for sessions based on age restrictions.  Stream Biz -live streaming app slices with secure login options, such as single sign-on (SSO) or OAuth. 
  • Scaling : Live streaming solution Streambiz handles many viewers at once without impacting the stream’s quality. Live streaming apps should be built with adaptive bitrate streaming, which adjusts video quality based on the viewer’s internet connection and ensures smooth playback for everyone. 
  • Social : Choose a platform like StreamBiz that lets you stream single broadcast and multi-broadcast “Go Live” notifications when your stream starts are useful for increasing viewership and engagement via other social platforms.
  • Streaming server : A good streaming server for a good quality live streaming session. StreamBiz utilizes features of paid and open source servers Kurento and Wowza architecture to ensure uninterrupted streaming service. Never compromise on streaming quality. 
  • Marketing and engagement : Choose a live streaming platform with lead generation tools like giveaway builders and email campaigns to help promote your content. Customize the feature of pre-registration pages and live event countdowns to create excitement for your upcoming live streams.
  • Rewards : Appreciate and contribute to the live streamers (presenter) with gifts in terms of coins as the earned value during the live stream.

Finally, everyone’s vision is to monetize with a live streaming app –  Streambiz lets you record live content and turn it into video-on-demand (VOD). Always opt for a platform that lets you monetize streaming through subscriptions, memberships, and pay-per-view. Support for live streaming to over-the-top (OTT) apps can also open up add-on revenue for streamers by Enhancing the live streaming application appearance of your live stream screens with a branded logo as a white label to maintain a consistent brand presence across all online channels with streambiz a product of BSEtec live streaming application. Reach out to BSEtec to build a live streaming app to improve business goals.

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