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10 Key benefits of using a Website clone

Web development is one of the dynamic services undertaken to simplify people’s life. To create a website, it requires a lot of time and mind power. But the shortcut to success is through the use of clone scripts to design a website. Clone scripts are full-on turn-key script holding various codings to match the quality

Motivate your learners based on the Attention, Relevance, Confidence, Satisfaction (ARCS) model

Instruction does much but motivation does everything. The ARCS model which stands for Attention Relevance Confidence Satisfaction devised by John Keller centres on rendering motivation to learners. This model is the key for e-learning since motivating learners in an online course is much more arduous than in conventional courses. Our udemy clone, Expert Plus designed

Impact of live video streaming in 2020

Live streaming is getting more popular than ever before. It is found that more than 80% of internet users of which the majority accounts for mobile users have watched more live videos this year compared to the previous years. The same statistics show that streaming video accounts contribute to two-thirds of all internet traffic, which

Popular Website Clone, PHP Clone scripts in 2020

Websites and apps are better known for the integrated social learning experiences they offer. Popular utility apps for various niche market were developed based on this concept and have become the success model for the competitors. Although the concept remains the same, what makes the difference is the ideation. When something unique is incorporated into

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