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Benefits of Hiring a Machine Learning Developer

Last year was a pivotal year in Machine Learning. With every success of ML, we are becoming more and more dependent on it. With everything getting increasingly sophisticated in this digitalised world, we’re enabling machines to learn and adapt on their own. A good example of ML is the recommendation in Amazon, Netflix, Myntra etc.,

Fuelling The Blockchain Technology Revolution

Blockchain technology is a typical example of a technology that is misunderstood by a large population despite being popular and widely discussed topic. It has translated a lot of business modules into a successful model and has enhanced productivity. Blockchain, a distributed ledger technology is often associated with cryptocurrencies especially bitcoin that has gained more

Challenges to do on Live Streaming

Audiences who were for years stuck to watching video content on their devices, now yearn for something more, someone beautiful which is a live stream. So, what exactly are the perks of live streaming? For instance, when you upload a new video on YouTube, you can go live and let your audience know about it.

Future of Blockchain Development in the Education Sector

Blockchain is disruptive by nature and safe technology to take forward for a better tomorrow. Blockchain technology is applicable in various industries, across different domains and in particular, the services that it offers are the need of the hour. One of the prospective uses of blockchain technology is to use it in the education sector.

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