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Fuelling The Blockchain Technology Revolution

Blockchain technology is a typical example of a technology that is misunderstood by a large population despite being popular and widely discussed topic. It has translated a lot of business modules into a successful model and has enhanced productivity. Blockchain, a distributed ledger technology is often associated with cryptocurrencies especially bitcoin that has gained more

Future of Blockchain Development in the Education Sector

Blockchain is disruptive by nature and safe technology to take forward for a better tomorrow. Blockchain technology is applicable in various industries, across different domains and in particular, the services that it offers are the need of the hour. One of the prospective uses of blockchain technology is to use it in the education sector.

Future Revolution of blockchain development

A shared peer-to-peer network created for secure storage and transmission of data is what a Blockchain network is all about. Applying blockchain can benefit various industries thereby alleviate major challenges that are existing at present such as data protection, time taken to retrieve data, Forging of important documents and so on. Blockchain can help in

Create your own digital signature certificate

Blockchain technology has various applications and when adapted into the right area, blockchain can give productive results to any company. One of the most popular applications of blockchain technology is the digital signature. A digital signature, unlike the physical signature, is a virtual entity that can be used to authorize transactions and any documents as

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