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What is Udemy Clone

Udemy clone is the high-end classroom learning software that comes with the advantage of teaching through the latest and emerging tools and technologies. This is much similar to the Lynda clone and Coursera clone but with the superior features and latest integrations, It is much valuable for you to use for the development of online education software. 


Elearning app development service by ExpertPlus is much efficient as you get access to readymade tools and features to integrate with your clone app for both iOS and Android. Building  udemy clone is the best way to develop your online learning app and you can see the quality of our app by exploring its reviews and ratings from the play store. Build your udemy or coursera or lynda clone today to get additional benefits in mobile app development. 


ExpertPlus is much promising in the development of Online training software with advanced and interactive features to get learners to stick to the courses and to help learners get the skill certification much faster. Explore the free demo of ExpertPlus right now to understand how this elearning software script works in Real-time from both the front and back end. 


Key Features 


ExpertPlus is the fully-loaded PHP script, where you get all the features to experience the online learning software. This Open-source clone app is a smart source of development as you get everything in one place. You can download this incredible clone script with numerous features to offer to your targeted audience. Here are the key features:


  • Laravel 5.5 

This udemy clone app is based on the modern-day framework- Laravel 5.5 to give you a speedy development process, and it is best to make your online learning platform much organized. 


  • Login and Sign Up

ExpertPlus allows your users and you to log in from external sites such as Gmail, Facebook, Twitter to give you easy access to the platform’s content. This secured process syncs all the basic information from third-party sites and creates users’ profiles without following the registration process. 


  • Bootstrap Responsive Design 

The Bootstrap Powered responsive design is another highlight of ExpertPlus, Where users can explore ExpertPlus in any type of device or any resolution. The platform automatically adapts the screen resolution and gives a great user experience on any Laptop, Mobile, or Tablet. 


  • Multiple Payment Gateway 

We integrated multiple payment gateways for you to receive payments from users. Users can choose their preferred payment source and pay securely over the platform using their debit or credit card. The choices here include Paypal, Checkout, and stripe. 


  • Banner Management System 

Banner Management system feature allows admin to create and manage the homepage banners to directly communicate with the users over the elearning software. Admin can create banners using Bold texts and Images to attract more users in any campaign. It is the most popular source of marketing to promote your courses and content over the platform. 


  • Website Security and Firewall

ExpertPlus is built on a completely secure platform and includes strong security and a firewall to protect your data and platform from any type of cyber attack and virus. We utilized the CSRF to get maximum website security to prevent your platform to be affected by any type of malware, spyware, worms, or any Trojan. 


  • Email Settings

The simple mail transfer protocol comes along with this, Where you can efficiently manage the email settings over the platform. 


  • Menu Management

Menu Management feature allows admin to manage the menu settings completely from both front and back end. This feature allows you to edit and manage even the submenus. 


  • Forum Management System 

Forum is an interactive way to get connected to the users over the platform. It includes a separate section where users can interact with other users by asking questions related to the elearning, platform, or any other, and other users can even comment and view the questions easily. Admin can even approve or reject the comments before publishing them on the official website. 



  • Internal Messaging System


This feature allows users on the ExpertPlus to have their separate messaging system to interact with other users, Instructors over the platform. Users can create or manage their messages with the categories like inbox, Drafts, Sent, Starred, and Trash, etc. 


  • Email templates

Admin can easily create and manage the email campaigns or important email automation with different templates that are already loaded in this udemy clone script. In this Feature, Admin is having the option to create multiple templates for many different email automation such as confirmations or course completion mail, Update Mail, Course Introduction Mail, or Welcome Mail, etc. 


  • Social Sharing 

ExpertPlus allow users to share their achievements and course information over the platform to many social media websites. It is integrated with major social sites such as Google, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. 


  • SEO Friendly

ExpertPlus is designed in a way to be already optimized for major search engines so that you can score on top from the initial days of your launch. Our SEO experts put up a lot of work on the learning website to be completely optimized to give you exposure over the internet. 


  • Instructors Credits

The payment management system is much secure and efficient in the ExpertPlus as Instructors can also earn and manage their revenue in terms of credits. Instructors can earn revenue from the course they publish on the knowledge-sharing website and application. Admin and Instructors can calculate easily the payments and admin can securely transfer the instructor’s share after they submit the withdrawal request. 


  • Content Management System 

Admin can easily create and manage all the content pages on the tutorial website. Pages such as Blogs, Faqs, Portfolio, Homepage, About us, Careers, Services, Etc. It is convenient for the admin to publish and update the content on these pages to interact with the visitors more frequently.


  • Bult Email to Users

Udemy clone script is loaded with resources to create and manage the email marketing campaigns and blast email campaigns to get more visitors and learners over the platform. Admin can select any template to send to the complete list of email addresses at once. Admin can also create groups of email addresses to send an email directly to a targeted group instead of sending it separately. 


  • Videos 

ExpertPlus already includes the Video converter to get all the videos and audios modified into suitable formats and sizes. 


  • Blog management 

Admin can also get visitor’s attention with great blog content and even can utilize the blog section to promote their product and services on the elearning software. Blog posts are great to interact with potential visitors with great content and elearning updates. Admin can manage all the aspects of blogs under blog management like Comments, Add or delete blogs, categories, etc. 


  • Clear Cache 

Elearning software is loaded with the utmost level of features and functions by cleaning the cache regularly to ensure a speedy process for users over the platform. 


  • Multi-Language Settings

It is equipped with multi-language settings where the admin can add and manage the new language over the platform. Multi-language settings are a great tool to scale the elearning website in different locations. 


  • Notifications

The ExpertPlus enables its users to get and manage all the notifications as they can choose to customize their updates and notifications. 


  • Course Discussions 

The ExpertPlus also includes the course discussion section separate for users to communicate with other users, Instructors to discuss courses, and confusions directly. 


  • Course Certifications 

Admin can easily offer the Course certifications after the user completed its course and passed the tests. The udemy php clone includes the automation to deliver course certification immediately after course completion. 


  • Site Information Update 

ExpertPlus allows the admin to customize the site information, General settings, Email, Authentications, Themes Banners, Payment Modes, Courses, Instructors at any time. 


  • Quiz

ExpertPlus also includes the interactive quiz section to keep learners engaged in the eLearning software. Admin and instructors can easily add and manage quizzes into any course. 


  • User Management

Admin can easily view and manage the details of every user over the platform through the user management system in ExpertPlus. 


  • Admin Dashboard

ExpertPlus also includes the classic Admin Dashboard that is even loaded with all the settings and features to manage all the aspects and analytics over the platform


  • Transaction Management System 

The Transaction Management System in ExpertPlus ensures the security and smoothness of the payment management system in the elearning software. Admin can control all the aspects of transactions in this clone app. 

  • Coupon Management System 

In ExpertPlus, Admin and Instructors can use the tool to create and manage the coupons to offer the users over the platform to increase course subscriptions. 


  • Promotions for Instructors

This software enables instructors to promote their courses and programs to get more submissions and reach over the udemy website and udemy app. 


  • Admin Discount

ExpertPlus also enables admin to create special coupons to offer to users for any type of course over the platform. 

Udemy Clone Features


The Key features in our Udemy Clone App – ExpertPlus


  • Reminder 

In the application, Users get the email reminder for course tests and updates about the lecture they subscribed to. 


  • Social Login

Users can easily log in with a social media account. 


  • Course Discussion

The course Discussion section allows users to interact with instructors and other fellow students. 


  • Social Sharing 

ExpertPlus includes social media integration for profile and course sharing. 


  • High tech learning 

Engaging and interactive tools for video and audio-based courses. 


  • In-app purchases 

It enables users to spend their money in the app itself on courses or other products. 


  • Quiz

Interactive quiz section for users to practice the courses regularly. 


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