React Native vs Google Flutter

On the off chance that we will build up a mobile application it is vital to choose a suitable technology stack. We need to concentrate on adaptability, stability and how that technology unravels complex business situations. Numerous Companies putting to wind up the best

Wearable App Development

People are having PCs, Laptops and Tablets for their personnel and official computing purposes. And most commonly many of us are having smartphones (i.e mobile phones) with us all the time. Though we carry them, they are not connected to us. But, what if,

Location Based Augmented Reality

Ever since Pokemon Go got released and gained a huge attention and engaging gaming experience among youngsters, Location Based AR has become the prime center for developers and Investors of Information Technology. Finding Locations and guiding user navigations have become so easy and helpful

Kubernetes Managing Containerized Applications

kubernetes is an open-source system for scaling and it works for automating deployment and management of containerized applications. Service discovery and load balancing Kubernetes gives a single DNS name for a set of containers and their own IP addresses and can load-balance across them.

Artificial Intelligence in Cybersecurity

I. INTRODUCTION The incorporation of Artificial Intelligence into security systems can be used to reduce the ever increasing threats of cyber security that is being faced by the global businesses. Across the industries applications using Machine learning as well as artificial intelligence (AI) are