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Blockchain Distributed Database Different from Traditional Databases

Centralisation is the term that separates blockchain from a traditional database. While all the traditional databases are recorded, stored by one central authority, blockchain stands out as a unique technology by decentralisation of authority. Each participant on a blockchain contain a secured copy of the record and gets to know of each made. When any

How can I start freelancing and get online projects to work on?

The internet has unleashed so many possibilities regardless of age, location or background of a person to build a sustainable side-business that can make you extra money every month. Many people have begun to quit their jobs in order to start a Freelancing business. Freelancing writers, developers, artists and advertisers are now in great demand

Latest Mobile App Development Trends in 2019

Mobile app development has seen significant growth since the past recent year, this is due to various reasons including the shift of majority of the populations to digital platforms for meeting needs. In fact, this gradual shift has paved a way for many players in the digital market to contain direct audiences and to cater

Future Revolution of blockchain development

A shared peer-to-peer network created for secure storage and transmission of data is what a Blockchain network is all about. Applying blockchain can benefit various industries thereby alleviate major challenges that are existing at present such as data protection, time taken to retrieve data, Forging of important documents and so on. Blockchain can help in

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