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Transforming Healthcare: How Blockchain Is Enhancing Medical Data Management 

Hearing about blockchain everywhere? Yes, Blockchain never misses its mark regardless of the industry. Blockchain in healthcare applies to creating innovative solutions for preserving medical health records and data. Major Issues Faced in the Medical Industry Numerous patients visit Multispeciality or specialized clinics in a day, Each hospital makes a manual entry and very few

Beyond the Classroom: Exploring eLearning

Round-the-clock hearing E-learning? Yes, the busy world wants to learn new skills and training through digital resources like E-books, Audio/videos, and Live webinars. Unfortunately many think E-learning is meant for Academic councils and educational institutions. The true fact is that Education and learning denote various industries that have very different ideas about what e-learning is

What are the Benefits of Blockchain-based Food Supply?

Knock on the door? Food is waiting for you. Know and track the journey of food items, In other industries blockchain in the food supply chain enhances food safety by making the supply chain operations more traceable, sustainable, and transparent. Blockchain-based Food supply chain?Quite not simple to bring food from farming lands, it involves a

The Role of Blockchain in Fostering Trust and Transparency

Still beyond the mark of Blockchain? Many industries and industrial sectors are exploring the potential of the technology. In line with the trend, supply chain and logistics sector is not an exception and in investigation of various dynamics associated with the implementation of the blockchain  technology.  Is it possible for Logistics ? Of course there

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