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Do you know about Apple’s iBeacon Technology?

Have you heard about Apple’s Ibeacon techno? You can find information all about This new technology below: IBeacon is Apple’s new innovative technology, based on Bluetooth low-energy wireless or Bluetooth smart process. It can be otherwise called as “Bluetooth transmitters???. It has been introduced in mid of 2013. The creation took place to provide information,

Tips to Create an impressive mobile app

Today every generation of people are using mobiles now, from younger to older. There is a huge expectation for mobile apps in day today’s life. People are always in search for apps in their mobiles for their easy accessibility. Many apps are created every second for the same search.  But some are becoming trendy and

Some Essential Things About Blockchain Technology

  Do you know about Blockchain Technologies?  Blockchain is a new technology invention which makes a revolution in the worldwide commercial marketplace. For every transaction, we expect an evolution which has to bring full-scale security process. We need a transaction which is digitized to avoid Fraud. This is possible only with Blockchain. But it’s quite

Serverless Architecture provides Function-as-a-Service

“Serverless architecture??? is now a trending topic in cloud computing World. In earlier period, all companies worked with physical servers which occupy a vast area of the companies. The term Serverless Architecture has been started in 2012. It became very fluent only in the year 2015, after AWS launch in 2014. Serverless Architecture describes the

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