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Amazon Athena

What is Amazon Athena? Athena acts as a server-less query service. It’s entire design purpose is built around affording you the ability to have large quantities of Amazon S3-stored data quickly analyzed through Standard SQL.Amazon describes Athena as a serverless interactive query service. Athena accesses data directly from S3 with setting up any servers, frameworks,

Apache HBASE

Apache HBASE is an Open Source, Scalable, Consistent, Low latency and Random Access database. It’s designed to store record-oriented data across a scalable cluster of machines. It supports ACID (Atomicity, Consistency, Isolation, Durability ) properties of databases and very low time in query and output make it low latent. It can be randomly accessed and

AR in Health care

Virtual reality/Augmented Reality (VR/AR) — a computer-enabled technology that simulates 3D interactive environments — is rapidly emerging as a real game changer in healthcare, where the technology is particularly well suited for quick adoption. The range of applications for VR/AR technology in healthcare is immense. VR/AR is already being used in advanced medical training and education. VR/AR systems enables

Mobile Machine Intelligence

Computers are learning to think, read, and write. They’re also picking up human sensory function, with the ability to see and hear arguably to touch, taste, and smell, though those have been of a lesser focus. Machine intelligence technologies cut across a vast array of problem types from classification and clustering to natural language processing

Apple’s ARKit  

“Genuinely excited???. Maybe that’s the words I was looking for. But wait, I should not get ahead of myself. The world’s first! Revolutionary at the time. Maybe too revolutionary. The app failed for many reasons, and we would have rebooted the app, if it wasn’t for the fact that we used the Metaio SDK and

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