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BSEtec Unleashes AR App For Kids – Coloring Book AR App

BSEtec has good news for the parents who worry about their children becoming tablet clutching because of the digital games, zombies and merge in the digital experiences. Coloring Book App is the right alternative, as it brings the characters on the coloring book to 3D life, through Augmented Reality. Coloring Book AR Plus has been

Deadlock with Mutex Locks

Let’s see how deadlock can occur in a multithreaded Pthread program using mutex locks. The pthread_mutex_init() function initializes an unlocked mutex. Mutex locks are acquired and released using pthread_mutex_lock() and pthread_mutex_unlock(), respectively. If a thread attempts to acquire a locked mutex, the call to pthread_mutex_lock() blocks the thread until the owner of the mutex lock

Multitasking Mobile Operating Systems

Because of the constraints imposed on mobile devices, early versions of iOS did not provide user-application multitasking; only one application runs in the foreground and all other user applications are suspended. Operating system tasks were multitasked because they were written by Apple and well behaved. However, beginning with iOS 4, Apple now provides a limited

Public and Private-key cryptography

Public-key cryptography is the backbone of most distributed systems. It provides both a way to encrypt a message and to confirm the source of a message, without the need to agree upon a shared key. It is used in a wide variety of protocols and data formats, which are implemented by a huge range of

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