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Know about the new features on Android Studio 3.2

Android Studio – the default development environment for Android developers, with an update to 3.2 has brought about interesting changes to the Android Studio ecosystem. Here are some of the most notable features you need to be aware of: Android Emulator Snapshots This feature enables developers to snap the recent state of the emulator as


It is the online and physical designed platform authentication for world use, It helps to validate the credentials by using human behavioral and environmental activities with more than 99.999% accuracy. It will validate and identify the users by real-time (It will handle all account type to block the Fraud activities) with product personalization it will

Introduction to TensorFlow

TensorFlow is useful to have a mental model for how the system behaves and server behaves, but mostly you can forget everything and use the high-level wrappers. If your job is just to use machine learning. Machine learning algorithms out of the shelf. If you are a researcher or developer of machine learning algorithms, you

BSETEC participated in iOS App Accelerator

iOS 12 and Siri Shortcut: As we are coming nearer to the new iPhone launch which mostly happens in September every year, we come nearer to the launch of iOS 12, where the way we interact with our iphones will change. To walk up side-by-side of the new iOS version and provide the best to

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