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How do I become a Blockchain Developer?

You must be having some idea about blockchain by now, if not, it’s a technology that works on a simple principle, shared network to maintain transparent and permanent data. Blockchain development has become popular mainly because it speeds up the process of data transactions and improves security. Blockchain has also created better job opportunities and

Future of Live Streaming

Live streaming is gaining immense attention from those who are on the lookout for new and innovative ways of delivering content. It is a breakpoint in the world of social media. It is trending due to its interactive and engaging quality and is utilised in many of the top social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter,

Wearable App Development

People are having PCs, Laptops and Tablets for their personnel and official computing purposes. And most commonly many of us are having smartphones (i.e mobile phones) with us all the time. Though we carry them, they are not connected to us. But, what if, we have a small device yet powerful that is connected physically

Kubernetes Managing Containerized Applications

kubernetes is an open-source system for scaling and it works for automating deployment and management of containerized applications. Service discovery and load balancing Kubernetes gives a single DNS name for a set of containers and their own IP addresses and can load-balance across them. To use an unfamiliar service discovery mechanism you no need to

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