Live Streaming 2.0: The Convergence of Social Media and Real-Time Content

Live Streaming 2.0: The Convergence of Social Media and Real-Time Content

Live Streaming upgrades to the next generation of live streaming technology that incorporates social media platforms and real-time content. Let’s see the upgrade to the latest & advanced features implemented in live streaming apps.

Streambiz – a Live Streaming app brings a new era. The integration of live video with other social media features such as hit → likes, comments, reactions, and sharing allows single & multi-broadcasting with gifting for the presenter (live streamer/broadcaster) that allows users to engage with the content. 

Livestreaming session in Streambiz onboards many young entrepreneurs like influencers, business empowerment,


→ Online classes (Cookery/ yoga, arts, fitness & sports many more)

→ Medical consultations

→ Remote live work sharing

→ Live music concerts/events participation

What’s so new in Live streaming 2.0?

The rise of Live Streaming 2.0 has been accelerated by the COVID-19 post-pandemic, which has forced many businesses and individuals to pivot to digital platforms for events, meetings, and entertainment. As a result, live streaming via Streambiz has become an essential tool for communication and connection. Live Streaming 2.0 marks its convergence with other emerging technologies such as blockchain, augmented reality (AR), and virtual reality (VR). This integration allows for even more engaging and interactive experiences, such as virtual events and immersive gaming.

The main motto of live streaming applications is to create & register each business brand name into the market (public), monetization & user engagement.

Implementing Blockchain technology in live streaming applications provides secure and transparent transactions for payments, subscriptions, and other monetization models. Also, the payments can be done via traditional payment methods or using Cryptocurrencies which are more into digital currency and safer to use thus it can also be used to ensure the authenticity of content and prevent unauthorized distribution or piracy.

It assists when a Broadcaster “Golive” in an event like magical shows (ticketing) Blockchain can be involved in, 

→ Seat allocation using smart contracts

→ Booking slots via crypto payment 

Manual handling can result in issues with wrong allocation/ double allocations, payment failure, higher price of ticket cost (variability in ticket pricing), and so on. But implementation of blockchain in Streambiz – Live Streaming app keeps track of records in its block, data can’t be altered for ease of traceability so it provides more secure utilization for customers/viewers and as well presenters. 

AR enhances the live streaming experience in Streambiz – Live Streaming app by overlaying digital content onto the real world, creating an interactive and immersive experience for viewers. Brings out 3D rendering graphics, and animations to keep stayed with real – livelihood motion while joining the live streaming sessions, and eliminates the narration of contents replaced with pictorial representations in live events or broadcasts.

Streambiz – Live Streaming app with VR provides a fully immersive experience for viewers, allowing them to feel like they are physically present at an event or location. VR can be used to create virtual event spaces, simulate real-world experiences, or provide 360-degree views of live events.

For instance, E-commerce broadcasters start a live session,

→ Viewers can  join that session from direct follower notification/map-based join in Streambiz – Live Streaming app, Never bother about the product trail from your mobile apps

→ As Streambiz – a Live Streaming app built with VR customizable options viewers can try the product and proceed with purchase, meanwhile can like, comment, and share the videos on social platforms.

Overall, the integration of blockchain, AR, and VR technologies in live streaming applications will enhance the user experience, increase engagement, and provide new monetization opportunities for content creators/influencers/business professionals. Further, Live Streaming 2.0 represents a significant shift in the way we consume and interact with live content.

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