Smart Contracts in eLearning: Automating Trust and Transparency with Blockchain

In today’s digital world , Learning approach via  E-learning is accepted and has been adopted by many educational firms throughout the world from pandemic to deliver a quality of education, training, certification, and even awarding higher degrees with safe and secure methodology of Smart contracts in blockchain.

Thinking about its Quality ?

The term quality in E-learning involves learners, environments for learning LMS, content, process, and outcomes. To increase the quality of education, instructors need to apply different instructional methods such as online-based learning, e-learning, etc. and also should carry out proper student evaluation and assessment processes bit time consuming, Gear up  which can be reinstated with Smart contracts in Blockchain  that creates a scalable and secure data delivery system that will connect existing educational data with the Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) and smart contracts supports the learning certification, verification, monitoring, and validation automatically. Besides, the Smart Contracts suggests a reliable, trusted, and verifiable blockchain-backed repository for academic course work and student/faculty certification.

Guessing How Blockchain adoption works  in elearning ?

As blockchain adoption continues to grow , we will see new and innovative use cases with Smart Contracts emerging in LMS that have well structured features for the instructors and students accessed by users active online.

Course Selection : As a user prefers to take up a course provided in LMS , the user needs to register and take up the course. Meanwhile the instructor / owner of the course needs to maintain a listing manually as Smart contracts in blockchain marked its presence reduce the paperwork , manual verification & validation. As one point pitch Smart Contracts will automatically ensure course completion of purchased users with its pre-defined contracts and executions and relies on its data transparency.

Course Payment :  Choosing to kick start your course in LMS? Remitted your payment, But, No updates on your payment? Initiate practical implementation by embracing smart contracts. To efficiently handle transaction details safely and for faster updates, check for longer dates when required with smart contracts in blockchain.

Course Material : Materials are available online in LMS 24*7 for ease of access, unluckily the user deleted/modified the existing data Cool point if you have smart contract imprint along with your LMS your data’s are in safer hand in contracts stored in terms of ledger. Smart contracts can also be used to manage course content and distribution. They can automate the delivery of course materials, such as discussion, videos, and quizzes, and track student progress and completion of assignments. This can help to reduce administrative workload and improve the overall organization of courses.

User/Instructor  Activities: Need your old database, give up your manual search and move on with smart contracts  to track  the performance of a certain user, instructor, or organization accomplishments, and activities as part of his/her academic journey to get  your result in a short span digitally.

Smart contracts in blockchain example

Making it more practical how smart contracts in blockchain pride its presence  in the market of the Educational sector,  Day to day fake degrees (certificates) are increasing along with E-learning with unmatched user info/ improper course completion, This is becoming a major concern for many businesses and educational institutions worldwide. But Smart contracts in blockchain can easily solve this problem with data & certification management with accuracy, where the organization can store the certificates on the blocks as immutable entries. Since blockchain is decentralized, all the documents are stored in the blockchain and are immutable and verifiable since it is transparent.So No dilemma with your value earned credits. As Blockchain provides Trust and Automated results with transparency

The main motivation for this methodology is to overcome the current challenges faced by the misuse of issuing educational credentials by many parties involved in the educational sector. Impressed with Ideas of  Smart contracts in LMS, BSEtec, blockchain development company  provides Digital certificate and identity management services in Blockchain. Contact BSEtec for more details.

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