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Application of Smart Contracts in Healthcare

Newer technologies arise, and healthcare is the first industry to adopt the technology concept as their needs are wider like an ocean and sea. Why does healthcare adopt new technologies like blockchain and smart contracts? Let’s see how and why smart contracts are involved in healthcare.   Smart contracts have the potential to revolutionize various aspects

The Environmental Impact of Bitcoin Mining: Myths vs. Facts

From the late 2000’s Bitcoin has been involved in various sectors, more specifically in payment terms. Let’s walk on myths and facts to decide on choosing. What is bitcoin mining ? Bitcoin mining is the process of verifying transactions on the Bitcoin network and adding them to the blockchain ledger. Then who are these Miners?

Blockchain Use Case: Payments

In recent years traditional banking systems → online payments → netbanking→ mobile banking involved traditional currencies. Fiat cash or money and at the present and in the future blockchain – and digital crypto payments have revolutionized the way we make and receive payments by providing a secure, transparent, and efficient system.  Using blockchain for payments,

Exploring the Environmental Impact of Blockchain: Sustainability in a Digital World

In today’s digital and technology emerging world the term “Blockchain”, “Crypto”, “Bitcoins” are murmured somewhere around you and most predominantly in Banking & Finance,Healthcare, Logistics, Education, Supply chain, E-commerce, Governance and its endless in various industries. How did blockchain become viral ? As we know blockchain offers a decentralized and transparent system that can enhance

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