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How Decentralized Identity Work?

Decentralized identity (DID) is an emerging concept that aims to give individuals more control and ownership over their digital identities. DID allows users to create and manage their identities without relying on centralized authorities, such as governments or large corporations. Here’s an overview of how decentralized identity works, and what are decentralized identifiers (DIDs) and

What is Decentralized Identity, and What are its Potential Benefits for Individuals and Enterprises?

Using online services, opening a bank account, voting in elections, buying property, securing employment, document verification or authentication – Every aspect of our life requires proving our identity. With digitalization, we have digital identity systems, but all these traditional digital identity management systems hold all the identifiers and attestations related to our digital identities in

Types of Blockchain Networks

There are various types of blockchains, each with its own characteristics and design principles. Here are four commonly recognized types of blockchains: Public blockchains are open and permissionless, allowing anyone to join the network, participate in the consensus process, and validate transactions. Examples of public blockchain networks include Bitcoin and Ethereum. Public blockchains rely on

Beyond Hype: Practical Adoption of Blockchain in Insurance

Life is full of surprises and circumstances, some of them make us happy and some drown us in unexpected events. When life throws us with such unexpected events, insurance comes to the rescue, if you have one! Insurance is a risk-mitigating tool, When you buy insurance, you buy protection from the unexpected events life throws

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