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What is the Purpose of Creating a Prototype?

It has become a prerequisite for the business owners out there for getting ahead of the competition in today’s world. Therefore, they are always on the lookout for new and fresh ideas and interesting strategies to improve their product.   Most service-oriented companies have a business model which is based on a product and its distribution

Everything you need to know about Prototypes

Before heading towards manufacturing a product, you need to test its look, feel, function and durability. So, it requires you to take the idea from your head and give it a tangible form so that you can allow yourself to test and see if your design concept works or not. If it doesn’t then what

App Prototyping – Why is it Essential and How to do it?

The development of an idea and then taking step by step actions to build it into an application is a very elaborate process itself. From improvement of that idea and determination of certain aspects during the main phase during the app creation process are dome things that are to be considered during the development process. 

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