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Blockchain-Backed Food Traceability [An Overview]

Do you Know?The average food plate of an American is sourced from 5 different states or countries! Sounds truly like a global affair! The food on your plate may have travelled hundreds or even thousands of miles before reaching your local grocery store. The current world population is approximately 8 billion. The demand for food

Energy Efficiency and Sustainability in Blockchain

The road to energy efficiency is, in theory, a sustainability sweepstake. More efficiency means that less fuel is required to generate a given amount of energy, which in turn means lower costs for the provider and cheaper prices for the customers. Jens Martin Skibsted We are moving towards a net-zero carbon emission mission with a

7 Advantages of Using Smart Contracts!

Smart contracts are computer-coded protocols that execute automatically when the predetermined conditions are met. They help us to verify, manage, or carry out agreements. Blockchain technology, which powers smart contracts, processes every transaction in a contract, eliminating the need for middlemen to carry out the transactions. Here is a list of 7 major advantages of

How can blockchain be used in supply chain management?

There are a number of potential uses for blockchain technology within businesses. One of the most complex areas where blockchain could be used is in supply chain management. Blockchain could be used to track the movement of goods throughout the supply chain, from manufacturing through to delivery. This blog gives insights into how blockchain plays

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