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The Metaverse and Education: How E-Learning is Changing in 2024

Education is the future with this collective virtual shared space that may rapidly change the landscape of education and e-learning in 2024 along with the metaverse. As technology advances, the potential for immersive and interactive learning experiences within the metaverse is becoming increasingly apparent. Here are a few ways in which e-learning is evolving in

2024: The Year of Blockchain Integration in Smart Cities

In 2024, smart cities around the world will see a significant integration of blockchain technology into their infrastructure and operations. This integration will revolutionize the way these cities function, bringing about greater efficiency, transparency, and security in various aspects of urban life. Some of the benefits are enhanced security, transparency, reliable, decentralized data, smart contracts

From Drones to Robot Chefs: The Tech Behind Food Delivery in 2024

What terms of food delivery are in the future? The food delivery industry is booming. Let’s see the tech behind the most in-demand online food delivery apps like Ubereats,foodplus, and Doordash to satisfy customers’ cravings for on-demand food delivery by partnering with DroneUp. The transformation from physical visits to Online ordering applications and the future

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