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AI-based recommendation system feature in Expert Plus

As we use various utility applications, shopping websites, online media streaming sites and social media, one thing that we notice in common is the recommendation given by the app. Have you wondered where these recommendations come from? These recommendations arise out of a complex algorithm calculated by the system based on artificial intelligence. This is

Start a viral Mobile video streaming service

The virtual world has become a platform to exhibit talents and special abilities. A lot of people have gained recognition and fame because of social media. People have started using social media as one of the primary tools for their gratification. This gives a good opportunity for those who want to lead this generation of

Easy advanced online food ordering script

We are all explorers of food. In fact, food is”love” made visible. Foodies prefer take out as they enjoy the comfort of their own couch than the noisy atmosphere of restaurants. Restaurant and eatery owners, who are in a state of frenzy to gain new customers, have swooped into the online delivering trend. This is

Design your own Freelance website similar to Upwork in a seamless way

As employment opportunities are lowering day by day, freelance websites are gaining popularity among people. Freelance websites should be useful for people otherwise people will stop using it once and forever. To maintain credibility and reliability, the freelance website should contain essential elements put in order. To do it, Upwork clone script helps as it

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