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Wearable App Development

People are having PCs, Laptops and Tablets for their personnel and official computing purposes. And most commonly many of us are having smartphones (i.e mobile phones) with us all the time. Though we carry them, they are not connected to us. But, what if, we have a small device yet powerful that is connected physically

Location Based Augmented Reality

Ever since Pokemon Go got released and gained a huge attention and engaging gaming experience among youngsters, Location Based AR has become the prime center for developers and Investors of Information Technology. Finding Locations and guiding user navigations have become so easy and helpful due to the advancement of Google’s Map apps. It facilitated numerous

Rolling Code

A rolling code transmitter is helpful for providing a highly secured encrypted RF (radio frequency) and also its more helpful in security systems. An encrypted RF transmission comprising the interleaved rolling code and trinary bit fixed code. A receiver decode the encrypted RF transmission and validate the fixed code by rolling code recovery. Upon comparing

Google launches a VPN to Project Fi to improve the Privacy

Google’s Project Fi mobile service offers individuals on its cheap pay-as-you-go data service and access to numerous systems. Notwithstanding, that setup additionally implies its harder for Google to make any cases about the destiny of your information as you switch from network to network. Google is doing the following best thing: It’s giving Fi customers

Cost-effective Marketing Campaigns on Social Media

Since the inception of Social Media Marketing, the cost that a company spends for the conventional marketing has reduced substantially as in the old days, companies should spend a couple of millions to reach a large target audience and would use to take surveys manually. But now with the birth of the Social Media, the