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What are the benefits of social media live streaming?

Live streaming is not connected now with any industry. Instead, it is also becoming a full-fledged industry on its own. Live streaming is getting more spotlight from social media and entertainment platforms because every business and individual is getting benefited from the potential of live streaming of bringing more and worthy engagement. Live streaming is

How to make a live streaming app like bigo live?

Bigo is a well-known live streaming app with users from more than 150 countries. The app has both live-streaming as well as short video platform called Like. Based in Singapore, the app has gained worldwide popularity since its inception. Bigo app envisions to be the best content platform for billions of people around the world. 

Building a live streaming app clone: The Basics

Live streaming app, like every other technological application, is open to all possibilities. So many innovations have come up since its inception and we can anticipate further development in the near future and beyond. To create a flawless Live streaming platform, you need to focus on certain areas such as the target audience, availability of

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