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Reasons to choose an Open-Source E-learning Platform

The E-learning platform is useful in multiple ways for its owners, tutors as well as the students. Tutors lookout for possibilities to sell their content and teaching material online to earn as a freelance trainer. On the other hand, students want to get certified courses online to better their profile and increase credibility before they

Top 5 E-Learning and EdTech Trends for 2020

E-learning industry has seen a vast growth since the past years due to its reliable nature and ease of access for the students from across the world. Certain industries have also considered E-learning to training their in-house employees to hone their skills. E-learning software has been customised accordingly by the Software development companies through the

Tools and Technologies used in E-learning Software

E-learning is becoming one of the popular ways to earn and many colleges and universities have also started using it as a great way to educate and enlighten the students effectively compared to classroom learning. Although classroom learning has its advantages, e-learning software can be used to enhance the learning standards and can help in

Motivate your learners based on the Attention, Relevance, Confidence, Satisfaction (ARCS) model

Instruction does much but motivation does everything. The ARCS model which stands for Attention Relevance Confidence Satisfaction devised by John Keller centres on rendering motivation to learners. This model is the key for e-learning since motivating learners in an online course is much more arduous than in conventional courses. Our udemy clone, Expert Plus designed

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