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How much does it cost to make an e-Learning app like Lynda?

In the era of Covid-19, online learning has become part of a new standard and rapid technological breakthroughs have brought about a great change in the world of education. In fact, it completely changed the learning process and proved to be beneficial to a variety of organizations and educational institutions. This has led to a

7 Factors For Ensuring a Successful eLearning Implementation

  An organization locks the idea of implementation of an LMS after a lot of contemplation, and numerous sessions of deliberation and reflection upon the pros and cons. However, to train the employees of an organization, creating a reliable Learning Management System is the best investment one can ever make. It will help them to

How a Mobile App Can Benefit Online Learning

Over the past few decades, there has been a radical shift in the way education is imparted among the students. Education used to be equated with money, but with the tremendous advancements in technology, learning has become more affordable. Online learning platforms have helped immensely during the ongoing global pandemic of Covid-19. In these evolving

Ultimate Guide to Compete with Elearning Giants in 2021

The Elearning Industry today is filled with eLearning software and even corporate giants are coming into the industry with high-end technologies and unique marketing strategies to acquire maximum market. Now if the maximum market is being acquired by the eLearning giants, then how would the new entrepreneurs and platform get some spotlight. Or what would

eLearning to Boom in Post-Pandemic Global Economy

  Online education came much far in the year 2020 as the world is depending on it over the education of all the students around the world in Lockdown amid Covid-19. Elearning today is also experiencing a great boom in the industry as it is now the only option and it is in great demand

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