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Multimedia PHP scripts for Live Streaming and Broadcasting

Live video is transforming the way organizations foster engagement and communication across platforms. It’s important to find a script that meets your needs and aligns with your current technology stack and falls in line with your project’s budget. A PHP live streaming script is the simplest choice to set up and run a Live Streaming

Set of Features in Udemy clone laravel framework 2020

The year 2020 is about to bring a lot of revolution in the education field to which online education would make a major contribution. Learning is always fun online, certification and authenticity make it even more reliable source to acquire knowledge on various niche subjects. Learning management software is used as a hub for learning,

Online Learning Apps made better with AI Recommendation Engine

Expert plus is an online learning app. Using this app, anyone can take up courses posted by other users, specifically the tutors. Users are awarded a certificate for completing each course. Also, users can post new courses on expert plus with approval from the admin. What is a Recommendation Engine? A recommendation engine analyzes available

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