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Digital Transformation in Software Testing

Advance Technology such as Test Automation, Cognitive and Artificial Intelligence, DevOps, the digitalization of industries that were previously slow to adopt new technologies, and the Internet of Things (IoT) is upgrading the changes that are breathing new life into the notion of testing as a career choice. Few test professionals not update with the technical

Introduction to TensorFlow

TensorFlow is useful to have a mental model for how the system behaves and server behaves, but mostly you can forget everything and use the high-level wrappers. If your job is just to use machine learning. Machine learning algorithms out of the shelf. If you are a researcher or developer of machine learning algorithms, you

Microsoft Rolls Out ‘Proof-of-Authority’ Ethereum Consensus on Azure

Most of the clients build apps based on ethereum in Microsoft Azure but it has rolled out a consensus mechanism that does away with mining. Proof-of-authority mechanism particularly replaces the proof-of-work mining process that is common in public blockchains. In the decentralized network, Proof-of-authority fundamentally requires the presence of invited parties as a proof of

BSETEC participated in iOS App Accelerator

iOS 12 and Siri Shortcut: As we are coming nearer to the new iPhone launch which mostly happens in September every year, we come nearer to the launch of iOS 12, where the way we interact with our iphones will change. To walk up side-by-side of the new iOS version and provide the best to

Start Digital Marketing through Blogging

Digital Marketing usually means the efforts for marketing via any digital device along with an internet. Almost all the business depends heavily upon the exploitation of the digital channels such as search engines, social media and via email. Digital Marketing is all about forming tactics for the digital platforms and creating a marketing campaign to

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